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  1. That's a person who saw one. People who have seen them all think the same way. Having seen 1 myself, I know the mind set. We know people won't believe what we saw. Over the years since my encounter, I have told very few of it. Mostly because of where I saw it. It is a thin stretch of woods connected by larger woods at both ends. In order to get from 1 thick woods to the other, it must go through this stretch of thin woods. There is a large creek on one side which the thin woods run along and houses and a corn field on the other. Anyone sitting where I was fishing at the time could see it. I know it's a trail for them because of where it came to the creek's edge. There's no way it could run along the edge of the creek for the whole trip. But it knew where to come down the bank and get to the next patch of woods and be along side the creek and not be seen on his side of the creek. But from my side he was completely open. Nothing between us but water. I saw it but it never saw me, which is the way anyone should be able to see them. I had no fear because there was no eye contact. I just got to marvel at it's sight and watch it do what they do. Anyone with a weapon sitting where I was would have an easy shot at it, and if I told the location, I would be responsible for it's death. It would be a sitting duck. So I don't talk about it much, as knowledge comes responsibilities. It's life is in my hands. I won't be the person responsible for harm to come to them.

  2. Thank you for that beautiful story, which I know is true! I don't know why I am so fascinated with these amazing creatures. But they do fascinate me to no end …πŸ‘

  3. That is one of the best true stories and encounters I've ever heard told about seeing a Bigfoot how cool is that I walked a lot out in the woods hoping to see one never have got the opportunity to would love to see one one day maybe try to have some type of verbal conversation with him

  4. You should of approached a little more and pointed at your leg the same one he was limping on and then pointed at him and maybe he would have let you help him..

  5. There are generations of Native West Coast Tribes that for centuries have passed down the history of their relationships with Sasquatch to youth around night fires and family gatherings. You cannot make this stuff up. Old timers who trapped long lines up in the interior of BC before the white man ever set foot up there passed down incredible tales of their encounters. Some say they could communicate with the creatures in their native tongue and shared their catches with them as a peace offering. Mutual respect of the land was their common bond. Until the Patterson film in the 60's hardly anyone except the Natives knew anything about Sasquatch. They have been up in the back country for a long long time and will be up there long after us I imagine.

  6. Almost all of the pictures of Bigfoot that are online fall into 3 categories.
    1. Bear.
    2. Trees/ shadows.
    3. Hoax.
    Bigfoot do not hang around when they hear or smell humans who they can smell or hear up to 30kms away. Especially at night.
    They are not curious of humans. They have been taught to avoid humans at all cost and avoid areas where humans go. Also those stupid game cameras that people mount in the bush are useless. They don't get seen because they don't want to be seen.

  7. You are one of the few with the privilege to observe this creation. It must be a good feeling that there was mutual respect and the encounter is personal. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Why is there no real good footage of this so called BIG FOOT? what a joke all you hear is stories. Ive only ever seen one good video and it was from a distance so it’s not conclusive so all I have to say is, you people are friggin stupid. Get a life hahahaha. Oh look a squirrel. LOL what a joke. I was once probed by aliens but I have no video. WOW

  9. In the 1850s it was reported that a hairy man like creature roamed the jungles of Africa. One guy took a small party to search the jungle to find the beast. Within a year he returned with several specimens of what is now known as the gorilla. Ole big foot has been searched for hundreds of years by 10s of thousands of people. With today's tech of trail cams, drones and infrared no one has ever offered any viable proof that it exist.
    I know.. the Indians even passed down tales of it roaming the forests. Well don't ya think it is more plausible that these were tales to the little papooses to keep them from wandering away from camp and gettin lost in the forest??

  10. I was out hiking a few years ago down in northern commiefornia when I heard something moving heavily through the thick brush, what ever it was it was BIG! I stood there motionless, not knowing what to do. Was it a very large bear? And then this, this huge, hideous, hairy creature came bursting out of the brush about 20 feet in front of me! It let out a scream like I've never heard before! It was looking right at me , it was screeching and howling at the same time, with a hideous snarl on its face! Then I thought, I recognize that beast, it's Rosie O'Donnell!! She was out hiking too, wearing hiking shorts! Then I got even more scared!

  11. I don't know I'm 40 years old now I'm originally from Coos County Oregon and up the 6s River I've heard wood knocking I've seen Prince I've even think I've seen it maybe once myself and heard it go through camp at night hard to tell

  12. Bigfoot avoid people like the plague. People smell like sour dairy and feces to them. Just like birds they have been conditioned to avoid people over the generations. So good luck catching one.

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