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  1. As long there is no close up and a clear sigh thing no one would believe it is a extra-terrestrial object.So many clips online all the same show fare away lights – I saw the same several times. But no clear Aliens or something like that. So I mean stop such a nonsense set up chust little lights.

  2. These “mysterious orbs” are simply conventional aircraft.  The images are overexposed and out of focus because of the limitations of typical video cameras.  But if you view them with a 10x binoculars or 40x telescope, the lights are crisp and it becomes obvious they're just good ol airplanes, helicopters or sky lanterns.  There is absolutely nothing other-worldy about these lights.

  3. How can anyone jump to the conclusion that a light in the sky at night is aliens? How is a light proof of aliens? Seriously this has always bothered me. I don't see a light in the sky at night and assume it's a plane from Alaska I just assume it's probably a plane but I'm never really sure unless I can actually see it. 

  4. first off there is a Nasa Base at the Cleveland Hopkins airport, there is a salt mine in view of perry nuclear power plant  that is involved in scientific studies . there is also a light house in the middle of the lake . there are flights from Cleveland to Torontoand from Detroit to Cleveland been on theses flights my self.

  5. Get real guys. It's obviously something from the NASA base. They are not going to tell anyone they are doing anything. Why does everyone believe that is is aliens, rather than suspecting that maybe NASA is not telling the truth.

  6. From the physics point of view, due the distance between starts and galaxies, Aliens are an impossibility yet…from the military – scientific point of view to investing in space and space-war-ships, UFOs are real and sponsored by Government – Pentagon and Secret Service, even though Government is not fully aware of it….

  7. According to reports from S4 whistle blowers, the crafts have 3 anti gravity cylinders in the lower deck. When all 3 are engaged the craft creates its own gravitational field and can travel through dimensions etc.. Maybe the crafts were refueling, water has some very explosive energy, after all Stanley Meyer was assassinated for creating a water powered engine. :). Maybe the hydrogen from water can provide enough power to get the cylinders working, then the cylinders draw in energy from the zero point. Water would fuel the alternator, so to speak.Apparently, a stable element 15 was found on the cylinders, pretty cool stuff.  

  8. From 2:05 and a free frames before this it seems like the light flashes are used as a communication…and one familiar with Morse and or signals like that using lights..or binary communication showed look into this video and see if the blinking make "words"

  9. I have seen this exact thing in the skies over Lake Worth, TX and on multiple occasions. Usually there will be more than one. One time when I had seen them there were 3 on one side of the sky and 4 on the other side of the sky. Another time I witnessed more of them. I personally do believe these are of ET origin because of a man from Stephenville who claimed one of these tried to abduct him.

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