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  1. You got some of the information incorrect. He didn't think it was water spots he thought it was the sun reflecting off his window as it was a clear sunny day. Also he didn't clock them at 12,000 miles per hour, it was 1,200 miles per hour.

  2. These  days thare are thousends of UFO sightings every month. It is increasing every year. Is it a build up to a fake alien invation, where all humanity id coming together under one flag to defend the earth against the threat?
    Up rises a world hero/leader to fight them of along with the rest of the world and we al later become one under a world "unified" goverment, one economy, one religion.

    Maybe check out some of L.A. Marzulli's work and his video series "The Watchers" and his books "On the trail of the Nephilim". They are quite interesting and well made.

  3. @einsamste Hey, gimme a break, man. I was, like, 16 when I made this. xD though, to be fair, I coulda looked up some form of online pronounciator.

  4. @RJfan Gee…dunno if I can remember that one. Hm… Well, I DO know it was a low-altitude plane, cuz he was able to roll down his window.

    Thanks for le compliment.

  5. I love the graphic at 1:01. It does awesome tribute to the father of UFO sightings, Kenneth Arnold. I wish he lived to see it. But that's okay. He saw the real thing. That's good enough.

    Or did he?

    I find ufology fascinating because maybe ETVs just might be.

    But now I also find ufology fascinating because it just might NOT be. And if ET never came, what a portrait that paints of human beings! It shows we are apes gone berserk, not able to handle the mighty computer noodle between our ears.

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Kenneth Arnold UFO Documentary (Video)

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