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  1. This is interesting! …that’s high praise as critical I am. I’d really love to see this video really put through some deep analyzing, stabilization, filters ect. You’ve got my attention with this one, that’s for sure. I’m not certain I don’t actually see canine teeth!

  2. If it's real, I suspect its a young female. Maybe not quite matured as an adult yet. It seems to absorb light. That's a detail I have often heard. It looks like she has one hell of an underbite! Who knows, maybe this is how the young ones look before their heads and jaws are fully developed. Also no cone head. Another sign of pre-adulthood. Assuming this is authentic. I don't know.

  3. Wobbert. I love that accent!! As for the Big Foot, its either extremely hunched over or there's two of them. Large eyes, big nose, impressive jaw line. If its real, its a damn good piece of footage!

  4. The guy knows how to stay still when zoomed out but once he zooms in he is all over the place and at times makes out he doesnt know what tree its behind, if that was me and i walked behind some bush to get better look i would know ecactly where it is and i would be on full zoom to keep an eye on it, not possible to say yes or no.

  5. Six minutes wasted of my life gone forever ! The only movement is the camera lens going past several trees and foot prints in the snow !? These people really don't expect to be taken seriously , right? I see no eye blinks or breaths exhales that the person speaks of, so I can't understand where they are getting that information from.
    Next time, use a tri-pod or mono-pod and hold the camera still, oh maybe try and get a live creature that actually moves. That would hold lot more credibility to your stories !
    This belongs in the Trump category – fake news ……..

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Is this ‘finally’ Bigfoot captured in stunning quality? June 4 (Disclose Screen) (Video)

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