International Space Station evacuated due to UFOs! July 16, 2015, UFO Sighting News. (Video)

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  1. A race between two extreme altitude X craft. Looks like RCS pulses of propulsion for direction and/or speed. Really does look like a race just for the hell of it all. Awesome craft humans make. I'd suggest we don't need the help from…well, not sure if they are our friends; surely not our enemies. No help and the assured violation of any prime directive.

  2. Jst wasted 17 18 mins of my lyf..ISS evacuation due to dz uncompelling video?? Nvr show ne threat?? Or did d ufos ask dem to leave lyk dey wr d bullies…totally tym wasting given d TAG..evacuates…craps. ..didn't knew evn NASA wud mak such CHEAP footage..

  3. You might want to change the title of this. The first thing I thought was, "Evacuated where? Theyre in space!" After watching the video, I see nothing that indicates the UFOs caused any problems. From what Ive read, astronauts and cosmonauts see UFOs all the time. It takes a lot of time to prepare an evacuation and its something they couldnt do on a moments notice if they needed to because of UFOs. The Russian space debris evacuation makes a lot more sense because they could know it was coming ahead of time and schedule an evacuation. Cool video, tho. I have no doubt those were not from Earth!

  4. In watching the video I found the altitude of the objects interesting. It certainly appears that they were flying through the clouds. Also the speed. Doesn't the ISS travel around 15k mph? The objects are traveling slightly faster. The 2 objects DID tighten formation. And did anyone else see the red flashes close to the objects as it transitioned into darkness? I thought that was interesting. NASA definitely had an interest in it, or they wouldn't have followed it that long. Interesting footage, regardless what they were.

  5. Anyone who can read should  know that the station was evacuated due to a mechanical malfunction that was quickly remedied.   Not by E.T. and his buds.

  6. réfléchissez, nous somme une civilisation très jeune, et surtout barbare. (sans les technologie nous serions encore comme il y'a 200 – 500 ans)….

    l'univers est immense !

    < Petite explication >

    > Univers
    > Matière Noir, Lumière etc….
    > Super Amas de Galaxie
    > Amas de Galaxie
    >. …..
    > Galaxie
    > Constellation
    > Systems Solaire
    > Soleil, Planète …etc…

    < En Chiffre >

    >  De notre planète, nous pouvons voir dans un périmètre de 100 Milliard d'année Lumière
    > ils y'as des centaine de million de milliards de galaxie sois (100cent 000 000 Millions 000 000 000milliards) > ( 100. 000 000. 000 000 000)
    > ils y'a en moyenne environ 200 à 800 milliards de soleil par Galaxie
    > environ 1 à 22 Planète autour d'un soleil
    > nombre de soleil X nombre de planète

  7. il serais grand temps que les inconscient débile ouvre un peu les yeux et surtout qu'ils activent leurs cerveaux !!!

    que sa sois la NASA, la NSA ou je sais qu'elle organisation de menteur Internationale, a chaque fois que quelqu’un enregistre en vidéo des OVNI, ces putain d'organisation on toujours réponse a tout ! 

    on nous fait avaler = (haha, c'est juste un débris de satellite hahahaha !!)

    – bizarre ils nous disent pas que les satellite ce détériore au par avant de ces phénomène.
    mais surtout que c'est débris doivent avoir une sérieux problème xD pars-que rester en l'air pendant des heures c'est sois des débris en feuille A4 sois des confettis de l'anniversaire à E.T xD

    un peu comme Light of Phoenix, on nous a dit (ce sont des fusée éclairante militaire)

    – Des fusée éclairante ? et pourquoi pas des sapin de noël volant xD LOL
    – Des fusée éclairante qui ne diffuse que des point compacte de lumière ?
    c'est encore une fois très bizarre comme excuse.

    VOICI à quoi ressemble des fusée éclairante de nuit !

    et VOICI les Light of Phoenix

  8. Oh for goodness sakes. Our brothers and sisters in the stars have been visiting since forever. Look at the Art of the ages, the Egyptians, even medieval paintings contain them. If we weren't such a scared, violent race, we'd have their friendship and technology by now and the planet would not be so polluted and warring.

  9. You Know,I'm going to tell you something that takes about as much faith to believe in, as it dose to believe that what we were watching are an alien space craft, and aliens operating it. They are demons,and UFO is a real craft created by fallen angels.Very intelligent fallen Angels.Now I know that I'm going to get a bunch of people sending messages telling me that I'm crazy and I don't know what I'm talking about and so on. Well that's alright, the truth always laughed at and ridiculed, because the powers that be want people to know the truth. This is because these fallen angels are demons and they are in the business of deceiving people. We are living in the last days and Satan has but a short time, to deceive as many unsaved sinners as they can,and to take as many as he can to hell with him. Now ,I know that you don't want me to preach to you and I know this isn't the most popular explanation, So I'm going to give you a choice as to weather or not you really want to know the truth about this. So if you do, let me know by sending me a little message and I will by all means, tell you what I know and believe. The answer can be found, and I will tell you exactly where to get it. Okay? Let me know ! God Bless You, DeAnn

  10. seems a bit suss! to me. why do they never zoom in to get a good look at what ever it is where meant to be looking at. How can we be sure those 2 tiny little dots are UFO's when we dont get a close look. This is the usual thing as well with this sort of thing. There is never any zoomed in shots, Why is that….. Hmmmm!

  11. they do exist,no matter how…rumour of UFO gone from few to 100 if not10000 cases and all you idiot trying to hide these all from uninformative ones of whom we share with them as democracy, as IT ages,n all those bastard only keep silently,what if their children's education, IT is too far aways,unavailable, only follow by order n not get orders or doing things,,,to betterment

  12. Indeed these are aliens and they did in fact board the ISS. I have found out through my high level contacts. It was only after the astronauts were anally probed they were able to evacuate (escape) from the homosexual outer space men. If you watch them closely on the LIVE_ISS_U STREAM cams and in fact they are now bowlegged.

  13. The title of your video is very misleading on two counts, One, boarding the Soyuz capsule is not an evacuation since the spacecraft never undocked from the station. Two, this IS NOT a ufo (alien spacecraft), it is just space junk.

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International Space Station evacuated due to UFOs! July 16, 2015, UFO Sighting News. (Video)

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