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  1. Okay so me and my mom are watching this video and we've seen the exact same thing happened for three years in a row now and we were like freaking out we're from Indiana…..we have seen this from different town …and it goes all the way black and goes to the same colour as seen in the first sighting …..these have happened on 4th of july

  2. I have footage of one orb very close to the fireworks. Me and my daughter are the only ones who noticed it. They were enjoying the show up close. Aliens like to have fun to 😉

  3. I've seen this metallic object came out from the sky stop and moved behind this cloud unfortunately I didn't have
    Cam with me in lakewood Colorado i was driving

  4. I live in Edgewood Maryland, last week I was outside looking in the skies at around 11:30 pm counted 6 ufo they traveled the length of the sky from one side to the other in about 1 minute. They were vey very high up, they looked like stars moving. The light on them would fade out then fade back in and get really bright. A couple were constant bright white light. 2 passed each other one going east one west they looked like they touched each other they were so close the lights looked like 1 for a split second.I came back out later in the next morning around 4 am and saw 2 more, same M.O.  They are up there guys. I probably would have missed these ones if my 5 yr old nephew had not seen them and asked" why is that star moving"

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Incredible VIDEO Two Major UFO Sightings 4th Of July 2014! Special Report! Part 1 (Video)

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