Hundreds of ‘UFO & alien sightings’ and The ‘Illuminati’ is REAL, secretly running our world claims (Video)

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  1. Great video Evangelist Anita & I agree in PRAYER this broadcast reaches good soil and the people of God wake-up and start reaching the lost SOUL'S because we are so close to the 2nd coming of JESUS Praise the Lord & the UFO sightings & the alien's Grey's or insectoids or any other fallen angel is just that DEMONS the NAME OF THE LORD JESUS MAKES THIS ACTIVITY STOP GLORY TO OUR GOD OF ABRAHAM AND ISAAC AND JACOB!!

  2. Trunews.com Rick Wiles brings up the man that exposed the Illuminati was started in 1940 before WWII. Thank you Jesus for exposing them and the CFR to me back in the early  1990's. Praise the Lord we need to expose all this demonic activity. Pray others wake up and save their souls by following Jesus Christ only. The Robots are demon possessed and it is so true there are so many people possessed with demons. It is getting darker and darker and we need to be the light and pray spiritual warfare prayers to protect family, friends, and lost souls. WE are truly living in Hell on Earth. This is sick. Jesus come back quickly.

  3. Thanks Evangelist Sister Anita and Pastor Ignacio! Older people, if you ever get a "Dr Leonard's" catalog in the mail, tear it up. The middle section is full of ads for s*x toys.
    Have been turning in early, and watching the archives lately…been down with the flu that won't go away. And not the flu I got the shot for, this is that little surprise the CDC "didn't expect". I wish I had just drank green juice! Instead all I got was a sore arm and some real nasty side effects. Love to you and everyone, hope you're staying well and GBY! ❤🙂

  4. I have heard multiple testimonies of people calling on the Name of Jesus during their 'abduction of aliens' and these demons ran off screaming with a Light shining bright. Testimonies like these are not told fully because 'they' are trying to cover up the Name of Jesus', but they are recorded by people who actually interview in depth. Aliens (demons) exposed! Call on the Name of Jesus and watch the Lord pompously come to your rescue. He is a good God! Aww what a Father!

  5. The former defense minister has it backwards. It's not Climate change but climate warfare, weather control, using Chemtrails and controlled by those mentioned in Ephesians 6:12 (Geoengineeringwatch.com …Haarp) and other diabolical methods of destroying our entire ecosystem and humanity. If they have to then they will annihilate everything
    Read the prophecy of our Lady of LaSallet 1846, Lady of Fatima 1917, Our Lady of Good Success 1594, and Our Lady of Anita 1973….Over 500 years of prophecy warning us about events happening now in our time. Even Jesus gave prophecy of the days before judgement in Matthew 24:3

  6. The illuminati are mindless victims to Satans lies, just like Adam and Eve. When Satan told them "Ye are gods" and that they will never die.These people are dragging others to their doom. The only thing we have during end times is the Cross and the Blessed Mother

  7. The Council of Foreign Relations is the illuminati society who Hillary took orders from.
    Research the Georgia guidestones . It is a physsical message to world population from the wanna be New World Order on what their plans are.Their 10 commandments of the NWO

  8. this sucks! because I was just messing with my robotic toy last night and i listen to you everyday on here and funny you bring this up the next day after i experiment with my sex robot toy :/ God it warning me! thank you girl!

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Hundreds of ‘UFO & alien sightings’ and The ‘Illuminati’ is REAL, secretly running our world claims (Video)

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