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  1. I'm bad with names and I'm always confusing this with Monster Prom…
    My brain is like "one was produced by Jesse Cox and one was Game Grumps, but which one is which?"
    So when I started the video I didn't know whether to expect to see Jesse or GGs 😛

  2. The backgrounds just being colorized sketches really contrasts with the rather well done characters. I guess that they were an afterthought given the budget.

  3. thank you for making this documentary but most importantly thank you for making DDADDS. i love this game and all the wonderful feels and cries it gave me. all the dads are perfect and the game grumps team is so wholesome. thank you! 💗💖

  4. Truly a beautiful, heartfelt game made by a wonderful group of talented people. I wish I could hug every one of them. I grew so attached to the characters and loved the story, I am so glad it exists.

  5. I was already so impressed with the work the DD team put into the project, this just helped cement how awesome they all are. They care about the game so much, and I loved seeing that. Also I feel Alanah was the perfect choice to host this doc project! The right mix of deferential to the interviewee, but passionate about the subject. Great job to everyone involved!

  6. 133000 words! That is a long video game. There can't be many visual novels longer than that.
    Edit: Ok, nevermind. I looked up a list and there are even a few over 1 million words. Like Rance 10 which with a patch has about 8.5 million Japanese characters.
    Post – Edit: Wow, I just spent the last 45 minutes getting a word count for Undertale. It is around 90,210 words long. But probably a little shorter because some non-text might have slipped into the count. And that includes all words from menus and descriptions and such, not just dialog.

  7. Inclusivity : The Game.
    I wasn’t aware that Grumps is chalk full of SJW types who signal to the virtue of modern leftist gender politics. A trans man can be a dad… interesting stuff!

    If you are going to make a game about gay dad swooning, I hope that at least you make it something beyond mere tokenism. Inclusion for inclusions sake (tokenism) is 99.9999% of all these kinds of projects. Because if you don’t include black people in your game that’s based on polish folklore from middle age Bohemia, the SJWs will come shit down your throat.

    I think they seemed pretty sincere about this game, though I’m not certain that spreading sort of pro-gay/trans media is necessarily good nor bad, but like everything else, I’ll defend your right to make weird niche games with particular political overtones, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it or think it’s a good thing to make.

    Anyways. I feel like I learned some interesting things about the Grump team.

  8. I'm honestly so jealous of how much positivity and supportiveness Game Grumps just…IS. The fact that this handful of people can do all of these astonishing things without losing the genuinity of their friendships is mind boggling, especially considering the debatably toxic environment of YouTube and the gaming community. Good job, you sexy Grumps.

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How Game Grumps Created Dream Daddy – Noclip Documentary (Video)

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