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  1. I approached this concept after our Steven Hawking ran through this. Then, after observing the SOHO satellite videos of the sun, I had little doubt that the sun, like the moon, and possibly the Earth is also hollow. The fact that the Earth remains hollow got born from the tsunami in Thailand and Indonesia. Geologists measured the hollow ringing of this planet for 600 minutes, if I recall. In other words, it rang bell like and the plate I was on raised one inch higher. I was two degrees South of the equator at that time. You and Hawking wax smart in this assertion. And I could go on with more proof of lunar hollowness after the two Apollo missions crashed their lunar modules against the very hard surface there, where it rang, again, like a bell.

  2. Hey Scott great video, I yes I think it is possible that Nibiru Could be in our Sun.
    On another note do you think Nibiru could be what was known in Star Wars to be the Death Star??🍁👍

  3. Scott. This is not too 'out there' for almost anyone I talk to these days. People really ARE opening their eyes to possibilities thanks to people like yourself. This is mind boggling. Thanks for making me think about something else today!

  4. Scott I learned so much from you. At this point anything is possible. We as a whole have been told what to believe and what not to believe. I think if we open ourselves up to new theories that we will see through the BS. thanks Scott for everything you do

  5. Guys, I get it, this is out there, but this theory explains why we see so many UFOs near our sun and why NASA never tells the public about them. No, I don't make money from Youtube, so clicks mean nothing to me. Only the truth is important…and this is a theory I made to help explain sightings over the year near our sun.

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Hollow Sun Theory, How Aliens Are Using The Interior, Oct 2018, UFO Sighting News. (Video)

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