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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallstreak_hole

    I call this a punch cloud, and it would be smarter if you did your research rather than saying "That cloud looks weird therefore haarp is among us!"… By the way, if you want to sook rather than do research, that link above shows about them and how they are made. This is known as a citation. It shows a source for information provided. You have a description that has 443 words yet not one citation. If you are going to show your "evidence", you need to provide a source. Otherwise it can't be considered evidence. And why suggest haarp straight away? You are clearly a paranoid individual who frequently thinks of haarp, however a normal person like me would think;

    *What the fuck is that cloud?
    *Let me research this
    *This is known as a Fallstreak Hole

    A person like you thinks;

    *What the fuck is that cloud?
    *It's obviously haarp I guess!

    Now people reading this, what scenario will you go for? The;

    A: Credible source of information with proof here and there on what this is


    B: source of information from a paranoid individual who claims that the cloud looks weird so it is evidence that our clouds are being controlled and it is a part of this huge conspiracy

    Thank you for taking time to read whether you agree or not. I'd really like to have a conversation/debate or whatever with anyone on this topic. Feel free to reply.

  2. the government is going to do some crazy shit to us that we wont know about it until it happens the government will destroy earth or kill every human we dont know.

  3. IS THAT YOU ANDR? IT'S SABLE Was this the video you meant? I'm not good @ Using You Tube or the PC for that matter but can click a link at least , , , keep up the good job.

  4. Wow, At time marker 2:27 it looks like a man on top of the ball of light and angels coming out around him. There is also a part of the video shortly after the beginning (when they got a clear shot) when they captured what look like the sky opening and Angels were coming out in a line!

  5. Hello, it is nice of you to attempt to help people with your video. Geo Engineering exists, it all relates to the HAARP, initials one can look up. The program has never stopped it continues & it is now 2016.

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HAARP Evidence Caught On Tape (Video)

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