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  1. Based on the research I've done and the videos I've seen the lion is the top of the cats. But tigers are a beautiful animal I can't really say which one I like more I think there's something about the lion that draws me in. But I do love tigers too.

  2. Make a video with parts from other people videos, result in failure.The quality of your videos are inexistent. The 600 000 people that click to see your videos (that are in fact not yours), they did just a click, bad bad.Please, be original and use your own imagination, however if you don't have one, is no shame in that, probably your talent reside somewhere else.Try, good Luck.

  3. What the fuck? The narrator said "however, the older tiger decided to teach this young fuck a lesson, biting its neck." The swearing was so sudden!

  4. Uhmm.
    Correction, The British hunter's name; [Jim Corbett].
    Who also went on to killing
    "The Man Eating Leopard Of Rudraprayag" in india, that's reputed to killing over 125 people. Good read

    Also another great read a book by 'Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Patterson',
    [The Man-eaters Of Tsavo.]
    Can also watch the film (The Ghost And The Darkness)
    Staring; Val Kilmer & Michael Douglas.
    Both are incredibly true stories.

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Greatest Tiger Attacks Videos Ever Recorded on Camera (Video)

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