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  1. Looks like another multi-colored LED drone hoax to me. These toys are becoming less expensive, more widespread, and starting to show up in nocturnal UFO hoax videos as a result. Notice how his camera's batteries just happened to "conveniently" die after only five minutes of recording the "UFO's" image. That's because the drone's batteries can only keep it aloft for 5 to 10 minutes before they are drained and he did not want to risk videoing it plunging back to Earth again. The slow rise of the drone could have been due to an updraft or setting its controls for a very slow climb.

    For comparison purposes, see this video made by a kid who videoed one of his neighbors flying his multi-colored LED drone at night. What he captured looks identical to what the MUFON case looks like.


  2. Episode notes: The witness states in their report that the camera was stationary on a tripod and was not moved for the duration of the recording save at the end. In this instance we must take the witness at his word as there are no foreground or background objects for framing, size or distance calculation. Even at maximum contrast gain and using a negative image filter, no visible referents are seen. Neither, however, are any indications of wires or supports for the object. We have marked the beginning position and the final position of the object with arrows to provide reference points and to indicate the slow path of the object. For our part, we still cannot shake the nagging feeling that this is a hoax, as the light effect would be all too easy to produce (an LED/battery combo in a tethered balloon would be one method) and there is a curious lack of commentary from the witness, though motion and breathing can be heard. While the footage is clear and mysterious, there are too many questions here for our comfort.

  3. Welcome back, Faithful Viewers! For your mid-week weirdness we bring you a fresh report from the MUFON database.  This footage shows what appears to be a multi-colored 'orb' style UFO hovering over a Redlands, California ranch.  We submit the nearly five minute video and our subsequent analysis for your consideration.  What was this object?  Was this the probe of an advanced civilization?  A government project? Or a huge, steaming pile of hoax? Sound off below with your thoughts!

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Glowing UFOs Caught on Tape over California Ranch – Paranormal News Minute (Video)

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