GIGANTIC object next to the Sun? Is this the reason for the evacuation of the Solar Observatory? (Video)

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  1. It's the UFO manic hoosier housewife hosebag that's so windy she could burst an onion sack with that Jew Jibberish. Yeah..the truth is "out there" however this channel chose to settle for that fraud that is about as "out there" as a penis butter and jellyfish sandwich and a bowl of hot water soup! YEs..Gina..it's out there…Right in your own "out there" back yard…Stop fertilizing the grass on the top of the septic tank..Gina. It's leeched into your drinking water..So UFO Mania has this fraud on from Facebook snd in so doing has sunk their own credibility into the toilet of Youtube garbage. But alas…Look at it this way…There is no danger of this channel ever being terminated for any reason…Youtube approves of garbage like this. They don't want the T-R-U-T-H to ever be out about anything. That's the whole idea. Youtube garbage trash thinks nobody can see this as they insult my intelligence to no end. Gina Honey insults my intelligence..and…Yes….UFO Manicdepressive mania insults my intelligence!

  2. GIna..are you hiding JFK, Jr in your tornado cellar? I think there needs to be some investigations done. So meet me out in the tornado cellar tonight at 12:30 sharp. Maybe we can bring back JFK. Jr with a saeonce. Did I spell that right? Miss Gina?

  3. Remember the shadow in that mirror is Gina Marie Colvin and NOT KelliHubNews. Don't get those twisted sugar! Be good and dont forget to name any mistakes after me..and if you make any big mistakes…Just use one of them huge erasers for the big mistakes. Works every time. Ask China. Sugar..about wiping..You really should practice wiping from the front to the back and not from the back to the front…Peeeewwww! I swear Gina..you would Make any alien beg to go back in time until their time was missing…I think you would be so mean you'd hide their time behind the broom closet door and make them so broke they couldn't pay attention. You little dirt devil you! Hee hee..Love ya Sugar!!! *Muaaaah!

  4. Look at it this way…You would always get good people with good comments if you told the truth. Now..if you lie…and produce disinfo like you are now as KelliHubNews, you will get good people being bad because you piss them off with your lies and deceptions. But if you go home at night as Gina Marie Colvin and not KelliHubNews…Your momma will still love you doll….God may not but your madam will..Did I just say that? I meant to say Momma….Sorry sugar! Let's make our own home made universe. Whilst I have some of that delish casserole you made yesterday…Yumm!

  5. Are you still wanting Santa to bring you the complete box set of My Name is not Earl and the Myrtle Manor complete box set? I seen them over at Wal-mart in Salem yesterday. I will let Karl know but I wont' tell him I told you. OK?

  6. looks like they're buildiing a dyson sphere in the sun. that's whtati think it may be. not motherships, that big ones. and the little ones are workin on it

  7. there are several explanatios for this, but one thing is right, those are ships, now they can be transiting to other solar system or they are going for some war or they are helping us controlling solar flairs or they myght just be taking ssome energy from the sun to migrate to other part of the galaxy/universe

  8. These Great Waves of Change are coming friends. I hope you are getting your discernment caps on! We have to start getting ready because the disclosure I don't think will be what we expect.

  9. I see some light anomalies there,I don't know enough about what your doing there to call them ships,but they very well could be,can you zoom in on those to help further identify them? And the big dark disk object there,is that what it appears to be,it looks like a large craft? Is there anyway that it could be a reflected image from inside the camera some how? you are focusing on the sun,and the sun is really bright,can you please help clarify that,if there even is a possibility of something like that happening here, I'm not familiar with the equipment your useing,so I don't know if any of that would or could play into any of this here!

  10. Hi, has anyone noticed that it looks as if there is a baby on this footage as well (like a developed baby, close to birth). If you watch between the 5:50 and 5:58 mark; to the right of the top bright light, I can see a baby's head with its eyes closed, a small hand a bit lower down, then its round tummy and its left leg. It makes me think of the child from Revelation 12.
    PS: it looks like a scan – I was given a vision of a baby scan, like full-term baby about 3 weeks ago.

  11. The Sun which is a multidimensional portal was experiencing an unusual shift which opened the portal even more than usual. The opening caused observatories in N and S America and Europe to be closed down until the Sun portal shrunk down to normal size. Ships are always coming through the solar portal but this was unusual. Our Sun being multi dimensional is the same Sun that exists in the other solar systems throughout our galaxy i.e. "portal" All of the observatories being aligned with one another at the same time had opened the portal even wider.

  12. If this is a real photo,,, What if they’re not ships. What if this is some kind of astroid debris field that we are finally going to pass through. Like Extinction level event. Again if this is a real photo? What if this is what the Mayans were talking about when we passed the ecliptic plane.. Like if there’s that much crap in this area of the galaxy. And we’re finally passing through it? What’s the chances of actually getting hit? Probably too freaking high

  13. If their is extraterrestrial life somewhere out there you should still worry cause they are only going to come for 1 of 2 reasons which are they are friendly and seek to help us or they are hostile and want to eliminate us… History doesnt have a good record with advance civilizations look at the spainards and tribes of the new world…

  14. That lady is crazier than a bed bug! And so are you if you don't see that the image shown is a lite fixture with a bulb in it turned on its side! STOP AT 0:09
    See the screw hole. All those horrible space ships are specs of dust. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! He! He! He! He! She got you good! She got REAL GOOD!

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GIGANTIC object next to the Sun? Is this the reason for the evacuation of the Solar Observatory? (Video)

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