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  1. I saw at least 4 or 5 ( but probably were more ) here in Berlin .. and shortly hundreds of people around us at the old abandoned nazi airport in templehof during the eclipse !! I always knew it , but it was super touching that for once I was not the only one to see them , for one hour at least , but a father with a 3old kid in his arms was showing that to the him ❤️ humanity is awakening, they can't hide us the truth any longer . Millions of eyes worldwide they saw them . And no one created panic because I felt like they were there to protect us and wouldn't do any harm 🙂 I think we all wanna know where actually we come from and why they keep us in the darkness since ages .

  2. Whose strong enough? WHOSE wise enough to battle THE FALLEN ANGELS CHILDREN! And all THEIR LIES? My time is running out ..but yours isn't…! REMEMBER THERE IS ONLY 1 MIGHTY ONE! Many lie THEY WILL TELL YOU..MANY..UPON many want you to follow EVIL…pretenting TO BE HIM WHO WILL SAVE YOU…NO man CAN..no entity CAN STAND BEFORE HIM WHO LIVES FOREVER..BUT…WHATSIDE WILL yoU CHOOSE?…THE ONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE A jesus is a fraud….Believe in the ONLY ONE THAT CREATED YOU!..THEN shall YOU live!

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Giant two UFO spotted during Blood Moon Eclipse July 27,2018 (Video)

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