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  1. Absolute bullshit. These huntsmen spiders have been in Australia since day dot. We had them this big in our outdoor dunny when I was a kid, we used to hand feed them moths, fly's, bugs.

  2. Me: (Watches Video)

    Me: luckily i'll never see that demon!

    Me: Looks at wall

    Giant Huntsman Spider: Wussup boi

    Me: get's sword

    Giant Huntsman Spider: jumps on Me's face

    Me: kills self

    Giant Huntsman Spider: ur a fat skrub

    Moral: don't mess with ur boi the huntsman spider

    Giant Huntsman Spider: IT THE GIANT HUNTSMAN SPIDER! get's into jumping stance

    Moral: g-giant huntsman spider… AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! dies


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Giant Spider! World’s Biggest Spider Giant Huntsman Spider (Video)

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