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  1. That face is most creepiest looking monster to me! Seem he, has something either sitting on his shoulder which has a, brownish/ Reddish Head leaning against the back of his head! This BF/ monster or whatever it is has something which is an albino dog 🐕,pig 🐖, albino deer, opossum etc. Friend or foe I’m not able to make it out yet; it’s dang on Scary! I’d never ever would want to meet up with this creature! I’m amazed these creatures still exist and not one person has shot one! Hunters always seem to shoot deer 🦌, moose, elk, bear 🐻, etc. So, why is it impossible to shoot a, Bigfoot! Sure by videos or pictures by surprise from their not realizing Man is near for one would think as much as these creatures are being seen should be able to shoot one for a, Museum! As we’ve many many different animals! After all, Father has Given Mankind Dominion over all His Animals, Fish, Mammals so, if these creatures are as many state it’s an animal! For Normal 99% Human Beings do not eat Mankind as one eats steak ( cow 🐄), fish 🐠! Clean animals only! Be-that-as-it-may: it does look like a, BF! As for a dogman; I’m not sure this creature could exist! As for as Werewolves, there once was one man which Father turned him into! Not a, creature which killed and harmed ppl he’d been known to roam the forest and land about for his punishment against Father God! This Man, BabylonIan King Nebuchadnezzar (605BC) because:>Babylon had become the “MOTHER OF GREAT WHOREDOMS!” Nimrod founded this Sinful City of Babylon. Nimrod, Son of Cush, Son of Ham, Son of Noah! Nimrod, became a, wicked, evil, mean and hateful; controlling man! In Nimrods’ eye everything he’d desired to have, he’d take it by whatsoever ways he’d take it. Leader of false religions, by scared tactics which he’d held and continued throughout Babylon until Father= “YAHVEH”= Hebrew Name: DESTROYED BABYLON AS YAHVEH HAD DESTROYED THIS “TOWER TO REACH HEAVEN INCASE YAHVEH BROUGHT ON ANOTHER FLOOD! Father, became most angry at Nimrod and He TORE DOWN THE TOWER AND IT HAD BECOME KNOWN OF AS “THE TOWER OF BABEL” FOR YAHVEH BROUGHT CONFUSION UPON EVERY RACE WHICH LIVED! YAHVEH CAUSED EACH RACE OF PPL TO HAVE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES WHICH NO ONE COULD UNDERSTAND ONE ANOTHER. THEY BEGAN WALKING AWAY AND GOING INTO DIFFERENT LAND AS THEIS BEGUN YAHVEH DECIDED TO SEPARATE THE LAND INTO DIFFERENT CONTINENTS WHICH TO THIS DAY WE, STILL HAVE THIS MANY 7 CONTINENTS! THESE HYBRIDS SEPARATED BEYOND DIFFERENT LANDS AS WELL! As for the King being turned into a, werewolf, was because he’d become so prideful as his many great grandfather Nimrod! Creating a, one world 🌎 religion by ordering a, golden calf to worship. That alone caused YAHVEHS’ WRATH UPON HIM. WHEN KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR, THREW THE THREE HEBREW MEN, INTO THE FIRE 🔥 AND AS NEBUCHADNEZZAR LOOKED ABOUT HE’D SEEN 4 MEN IN THE FIRE 🔥 WALKING AROUND NOT EVEN ONE HAIR ON THEIR HEAD WAS A BLASÉD. When Daniel, warned This King Nebuchadnezzar, to not do this for if He’d Disobeyed YAHVEH, OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER, He’d Punish him dearly! Nebuchadnezzar heeded not to Daniels’ warning and when the 4 Men came out untouched by fire 🔥, our YAHVEH turned Nebuchadnezzar into a, werewolf, naked and dog like body and Nebuchadnezzar stayed and lived as a, werewolf for Seven Long Years! Other than that one man I’ve never known of another werewolf type creature! Where I’m from in south La. south west New Orleans, There’s a, rumor these 200-300 yrs.of a, Creature which one man is one and if he gets the chance to scratch another human being that person becomes the next “Rouè Garoù.” I’ve never seen one and I’ve no idea if these creatures exist! I’m not one to say these ppl are lying for I’ve no idea! I’m aware of many Spiritual Being in the area I’ve grown up in! I’ve seen Spiritual Being! Especially, a, “Ball of Fire 🔥” is real! My father nearly died from one as well, six You ppl from Los Angeles, show “Fact of Fictions’” once was on tv! Three so called specialists traveled to south Mississippi or La. in hopes of debunking this fire 🔥 ball! To their dismay, everything they’d tried failed till they’d witness for themselves this Truth of this “Fire 🔥 Ball!” Speak of three doubting Thomases’ were so scared at what they’d seen! Had to admit this “Fire 🔥 Ball is real!” Had my mother not slam the Cabin door as she’d done it would’ve have killed him!
    Whatever this creature is, you’ve been lucky to film it! Congratulations

  2. From all my research this creatures is a Type 3 Bigfoot with the snout. They are also called Face Eaters by the Native Americans, don't want to run across one of these things. They are in most habitats in Canada, but in the USA they warn that the south east and all southern states are full of them. NEVER go into the woods unarmed nor alone either.

  3. Hard to say, but if the poster didn’t know he had filmed it initially, how did he manage to get a closer pic of it ? The closeups seem to be on the same ground the as the creature. I’m not convinced although it is interesting

  4. I believe one of the other postings might be right about another behind it to the left just a little. It is standing behind that bush and you can see it's big leg next to the bush. It is really a big mother. You can see a dark outline behind the bush.

  5. That is the only photo of Wendigo that has ever been taken. It was not taken by a scared hiker. The guy didn't even know that it was there. It is holding its own pup.

  6. Looks real…but what I see is a Bigfoot with a big up lip and and the light plays in the different degrees in the wind and trees past by or over and around this creature……………………………. Pic before shows a particle head and 2 dark likes eyes there poking out… remember trees in the summer sun grow fast………………..

  7. Dogman are more mans creation and not anything to do with the Forest Kin in terms of the clan. They are like introducing neighborhood cats to the wild. I think there is something in that to ponder for all of us. I gleaned this information from a man, his name suggests a deep understanding of mother nature. His bloodlines underline his name as one to take notice of. I will not identify him and should he choose to step amongst us here, then be that as he may. The Forest beings have their use for the Dogman, but they will never be an Alpha nor symbiotic with mother Earth as the Kin are.

  8. I'm not sure how much time elapsed before he went back to recreate the scene, but it couldn't be more than one season because the trees and branches are nearly identical.

  9. You people are retarded this no tree trunk or deers butte it looks like a gorrilla to me every story i have read of people that witness bigfoote says his face looks more like a man not like a gorrilla face so dam im dumbfounded pics do look real tho

  10. Oh hell…
    Looks like an old, broken tree stump…
    Like, there's no definition below the 'waist'??
    Just solid colour.. No definition to the shape of the legs, or gap between them..??
    I don't know, I'm no expert..
    This is my opinion only!!
    Just doesn't look right??
    Who knows, NvTv.!!
    You certainly share some pretty interesting 'gems'!!
    Well done..😊👍…

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