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  1. Kinda "ODD" how they say that the place is Unknown, yet go on to say that Clothes & a shoe were found.

    Then Search & Rescue found this Camera & Video!!..

    So who Posted it?..

    How come The Person that posted it, was Not Questioned?..

    How come there is So little about this Story??..

    Screams "Fake" Or a Big A$$ cover up!!..

    I'm 99.9% Sure that if this was a True story, The Press & Everyone in the World would be Attached to this Story!!..

  2. My opinion only: That's totally fake. The bigfoot at the beginning of the footage has an almost human gate to his walk and looks like he's having trouble walking through the brush with that bulky suit on. Plus when he peaks out from behind the tree (a move I've seen in countless hoaxs to hide you body a bit from the camera). He resets his position. As if he knew he was to far out from behind the tree. Looks down at his feet and then takes a step back to reposition himself better. I'd say this is just a massive hoax personally.

  3. Gotta be fake. The back stories are so important and whenever the story is lacking context or coverted, you gotta worry. If everybody was 100% honest on this topic we'd know if sasquatch were real by now. You only get one chance at this folks so be honest and open. We've got to believe you as much as we believe in the footage you present.

  4. Its fake, done for a tv commercial in china…….. just who ever cut yhe commercial up to get this footage screwed up ( as the so-called-bigfoot walks and person shooting footage gets it passing between the trees, they zoom in and magically the so-called-bigfoot is now behind one of the trees ready to peak around the tree). I bet no one even noticed this? It would have passed if no one saw the commercial that someone posted before on here….

  5. Hmm with bears & wildcats present…. who do you know gonna hike with no weapons no bear mase etc?!?!?!
    You better believe I'm gonna have a weapon or 2 or 3!!! Ammo & bear mase?!?!
    So run towards me wild animals if u want too! I'd fire a warning shot & most creatures will run away!?!?!?!
    So these recordings aren't believable!
    Who hikes areas like these with nothin but a map ,granola bar, & a bottle water😂🤣?!?!?!!!!

    You'd have to be an idiot birdwatching areas like this with no weapons!!!!!
    Oh u don't want to disturb the birds?!?! Take a silencer with ya too!
    Cause bears play with their food too while your playing dead?!?!
    Doesn't always work out well playing dead around grizzlies & wildcats!!!!!!!

  6. Looks like crippled one ,its a bit on the hungry side.probley cant hunt and sees humans as prey.could possibly be japanese horror movie,,blairwitch style..not the type of plants you see here in america i dont think.

  7. Pretty wild no doubt. However, as is most wild animals, it would run FROM you not TO You! I noticed it's hummed back and I may have seen this peticuler creature before. He rang bells in Notredame!

  8. I think I saw this in a movie where kids go to one of thems uncle's cabin in the woods, only thing is the Bigfoot in this clip looks different, it looks real.

  9. Actually, this is very authentic. Ive seen three in my life in northern California. All three were over 8 foot, all had humps on their backs. The males have humps, the females don't. the males are more reddish in hair, the females darker. They all have deep set eyes almost looking like the top half of their face is punched in except brow area. thy all have huge jawlines very pronounced. Males WILL fuck with or attack, females are more curious. Males will in heat, look for females, including human but it is very rare.

  10. If that aint a Squatch, I don't know what is!! Check out the hunch on its back!! You can't fake shit like this. NO WAY is that a suit!! Friggen scary looking that's for sure.. I love the footage of this Squatch, one of my favourites, that's for sure!! Well done NvTv!! All thumbs AND fingers up for this beauty!!☝.. EXCELLENT!!

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