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  1. I haven’t made up my mind about the inter-dimensional aspect; however, I describe it as cloaking to the extreme. I’ve been “seeing” Bigfoot in photos for years now. MANY behind researchers. ( your videos as well, lol). It’s become a hobby of mind looking at videos and photos for the big and little guys hiding within the trees, on the ground etc. I’ve seen them with my own eyes just disappear. There are so many more here on this planet than anyone would ever guess! They love watching people that’s why they live beside us as well as we are slowly taking away there territory. The ones that live in the deep forest have no interest in us so they live apart from us.
    Ive seen and experienced some odd things I just don’t know how they do what they do but it’s almost like an octopus where they not only change their color but their texture with the surroundings. It’s much easier to see them in photos than with our eyes. Maybe their using infrasound to confuse our brain but it has little effect on our cameras. Just my opinion. Take care

    Added hint…it’s easier to see them when you adjust the lighting or shadows of photos.

  2. There’s a huge difference between camouflage and inter-dimensionality. Camouflage exists and has been proven in the animal kingdom, whereas even the existence of other “dimensions” has never been scientifically proven or demonstrated. Stick with reality, otherwise you’ll end up joining the “Dr.” Johnson cult.

  3. My friend Jay had a group of Sasquatch Rock his camper every night till eventually he had to move and now he has activity and has seen a white Sasquatch recently and also has hand swipes on his windows and signs near his house that are 8 to 10 feet high

  4. Ok!!!! The secret is out and Maine will now start getting more reports I think!!
    Now that your channel s getting more popular. And Bigfoot Tony has done a breakdown on a recent Maine video. And I have seen more Maine Sasquatch videos.
    I know we have an awesome state to live in.And so do the Sasquatch.I do fear there will be more people out looking and that might become a problem for us that have been in this for different reasons..
    I hope popularity doesn't screw us

  5. The more evidence gathered of half bodies and full faces with no bodies and moving cloaked beings, then you can't deny, i dont red circle my finds, but try to see if others pick them out. Thats one way of getting evidence somewhat substantiated. As we all see a contorted face in the trees it can interpreted in different ways. Does he is just draw them, and not use any other computer technics

  6. Love this video. You have pointed out a love of mine that I really enjoy doing. I thought everyone did it. I watch all different Bigfoot researchers videos. I love to watch and capture stills from the video's too. Like your friend Scott's examples.I can show you 100's of pictures I have captured just like him. Just as distinctive. I live in the desert but I was raised in the wooded country. Lived in Texas, North Carolina,B.C. Canada and San Diego Ca.
    I have had 4 encounter. Two in Texas and two in BC. Canada.
    A story told by military medics is that in their blood has Chlorophyll an oil base substance.
    Is there any way I can contact Scott to compare my stills with him? If he will read this comment and respond? THANKS GREAT VIDEO AS ALWAYS. VERY INFORMATIVE.
    I get mad because people are going to call it PARADILA. HOW IF YOU SEE EXACTLY WHAT WE CAPTURE? I bet if you gave me some time. I can tell you exactly what video the pictures are from. If the video is on YouTube?

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lONyDj8_s0A Hi Michael and Lady K I hope you are both welll. I am a little pushed for time and so will have to watch the remainder of this video tomorrow but wanted you to watch this vid that I have left a link fro. It is on the channel of Deborah Hatswell who is in my opinion one of if not the most inspirational and hardworking witness turned reseatrcher that has compiled tyhe only map I am aware of in the UK with over 450 accounts from witnesses from Britain. This particular experience is from a man who saw Greenman whilst sat at a train station. Please view when you have 5 min and also check mout her vids/map etc. She was the lady who actually gave me the time and inspiration to go out and check this stuff out for myself and has helped many many others like myself or who have had a "life changing experience" with the forest folk and is dedfinitely one in a million. Thanks Michael for your time and effort. Love, light and peace xx

  8. I found a potential juvenile Sasquatch print in wiscasset last weekend in mud on a snowmobile trail. Clear as day. I took a photograph and used my hand as a reference to the size. You can see the toe prints which are what caught my attention. I was out looking for deer sheds and this isn’t the first print I’ve found near that location – found a much bigger one last March 2017 and later that day had a tree fall down close to me. It was a bluebird day. I’ve found structures and heard unexplainable howls as well over the last few years. I’m positive there’s something unusual going on out there and these events really made me a believer. There have been tons of sightings nearby in Gardiner and Richmond also.

  9. How does anyone get interdementional from that?How do you even begin to think that you can prove that?What a crock.I think its a good image dude ,Merchant I find hard to listen to ruining this interview with insane presumptions.No offence Mr.Merchant,we all love you but your all over the board.Interdementional plant people.

  10. Michael, I agree with a lot of what you say and I encourage you to keep pushing the boundaries… but these photos and illustrations…. yeah….no….. I'm just not with you on this one man.

  11. Merchant,have you heard the new theory that a few scientists are kicking around? They are saying that at one point in our ancient past when we were still sticking twigs into termite holes to entice them out,at some point we took a massive step forward in our thinking,the period of the wheel?who knows but these guys theorize that we took massive leap in our way of thinking,advancing at such a pace that it was unnatural,not just simple evolution. Some say aliens intervened by spicing up our dna.These guys believe that at one point began consuming DMT ,maybe your precious mushrooms they think.Our ancestors were getting high unknowingly,trippin out and advancing in our thoughts to the point of being able to conquer all the other humanoids. I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR COMMENTS BELOW!

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DownEast Maine Interdimensional Bigfoot (Video)

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