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  1. you shouldn't judge him to hard. if i was cornered in a barn in the middle of the night and three creatures like this came a scratching. i am sure i would be scared out of my whits. I would probably shoot as well if i didn't drop dead from fear first. who knows what you would do unless your were in his shoes. and I hope he isn't telling us a tall tale.I really am having a hard time buying his story. not that i don't think these creatures really are out there.but if he is telling the truth. I couldn't judge him.

  2. The reason that no one has ever found the body of one of these strange creatures is because they are able to move from one dimension to another. Yes, they manifest in physical form here but they are usually found in areas where Native Americans worshiped false gods. Just like paranormal things manifest where innocent blood has been shed, these creatures manifest where some kind of pagan worship has gone on in the past. Many hundreds of years before the white people came to North America something made the American “Stonehenge,” The Serpent Mound in Ohio and the many other mounds found throughout the US. Whoever built those huge creations did so with technology we still do not have today just like the other megalithic sites around the world. They were all about worshipping other gods. Doing so has opened portals for the other realm to enter this realm. These beings know that they are not are not supposed to be manifesting here in this realm and that is why they do not manifest in your town square! Most of the first settlers here were Christians or of a Christian heritage and if you know it or not these things are afraid of anyone with the Holy Spirit and the name of Jesus. The modern Christian Church is weaker than it has ever been and darkness is now overtaking the church. The kingdom of darkness is getting much more aggressive here in the US than ever before. People are unknowingly opening more portals for evil beings to manifest. There are people who have seen evil spirits manifest as a person who drowned a hundred years ago. When the entity disappeared there were watery foot prints in the house where it had walked into the home and stood! I know of a young woman who said she was being attacked and bitten by a huge hairy being that was at least 10ft tall. The woman was put under observation and as she was being attacked by this invisible being the doctor and others saw the bite marks form on her body along with saliva. They also found black hair in the young woman’s hands. This woman was delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ when a minister fasted and prayed for a day and then went to the facility and used the name of Jesus to cast the entity out and away from her. Why can they manifest with real physical attributes? I don’t know but it has been happening since Adam and Eve gave their dominion over the earth to Satan! The angels that came with the Lord to meet with Abraham ate a meal that Sarah prepared. Elijah saw chariots of fire! The other dimension is more real than this one. The “spiritual wickedness in high places” has other lower level devils under them. Their sole purpose is to “steal, kill, and destroy.” They know mankind is supposed to have dominion here but will deceive those who do not know any better. Dog man, big foot, and all the others are not just strange creatures. They are cursed inter dimensional beings that serve higher evil celestial beings. Yes, there are more and more sightings of these things because of the increase in evil.

  3. Im sorry you were scared and had to feel to shoot bless you all lots of love. maybe dont get mad at me but try and talk to them and get one for your study if you can.scary.

  4. I get so exited for yourstories, I live in Australia and Iv seen things that shocked me and the people I was with, its weird when you see it to scan your brain to figure out what it is from you knowledge section of the brain. I am happy I have seen things and strange beasts unexplained creatures I havnt seen greys but I think I did meet an alien human type such as pliedian women, perfect skin, beautiful,talland white skin it looked like no wrinkles or blemishes or spots or even pores in the face none I was across the table and saw it as she walked in the room I felt a powerful energy from her it was as if it was enormous but it was not, I was in shock and she scanned me through her eyes tilted her head and read my soul through my eyes, her eyes were slanted and green big and went a little up side of her head the feeling I got was she was making sure I was ok after I had had major upset in my life, I felt she was a guide or watcher.
    I felt intruded on then she walked away with out talking was weird as. Ill never forget that.

  5. Sounds made up to me and one thing he is trying way to hard acting scared and he didn’t get a sample of the blood and who goes out at 3 am just to walk around the property Just saying

  6. Your guest, Brenton, says he was 35 miles outside of Lansing. Could he say which direction? I live in the area too.

  7. It is the normal human reaction to kill anything that they can't comprehend as being a being…therefore calling it a monster
    in this case he shot the little 1 probably the offspring…imagine if it were the opposite and his kid was shot…how would he feel
    Now i might get some flack for this but…..fallen or not …ALL ARE GODS CREATURES….Why does man think he is the only species on earth fit to rule….seriously guys there are many many creatures out there …they HIDE from man because if they don't man will try to kill them…..I'm nobody I know nothing so don't beat me up about this…but just THINK a minute…everything pot there isn't evil because it's not human….it's not our fault we are human …it's not their fault they are what they are….I think i've said enough i'm gonna stop before i say to much…..like i said…I'M NOBODY….I KNOW NOTHING….JUST MY OPINION…like everyone else

  8. He sees an unidentifiable creature in the woods and SHOOTS IT IN THE HEAD!?!?! FOR NO REASON? Wow what an evil SOB this guy is! 6:00 WHat goes around comes around, maybe some day this guy will get shot in the head too. Karma is real. Thou shalt not kill. And people like this call themselves Christians too. Christians are not murderers.

  9. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing your story. Yikes! I wonder if they live underground? Being so pale and hairless the underground temp is constant. Also I had the same feelings about them eating bugs, who knows? A trail cam around the barn/tunnel might be interesting.

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