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  1. When a great white is killed it releases a chemical into the water as a warning to other white sharks that there is something here that can kill a white shark. An incident happened years ago where researchers noticed all the great whites in the area suddenly vanished after a white shark was killed. I don't remember if it was a larger great white or an Orca that killed the White shark. But that led to the research into this.

  2. Very true. I catch a lot of shark. If you gut one, or bleed it, and it gets in the water, you may as well go home, they all leave.

  3. Imagine your in a situation where this is needed and come to find out they sold you just a yellow liquid and your screwed .
    Like damn that bastard scammed me and I'm gonna die

  4. It has been proven that when great white sharks sense another great white sharks blood the leave the area. This instance a pod of killer whales had killed one.

  5. I read something many years ago about a fish that lives in the Mediterranean Sea called a "Moses Sole (Soul?)" contains a substance that they eject into the water when threatened, like an octopus ejects "ink", that was found to be an effective shark repellent.

  6. Well that's comforting to know next time I managed to fall overboard in shark infested water I will remember to take a couple of 55 gallon drums of the crap with me so I can manage that not get eaten when I have to hang around out there for a couple of hours. Running a mile for 5-6 minutes is probably just going to piss them off after a while

  7. This reminds me of the National Geographic video about Great Whites in California, being attacked by Killer whales. The people tracking the great whites for years, noticed that after the attack, all the great whites vanished, staying away for a long time. It seems they could sense the smell of another one of their species being attacked, and killed, just by smell, they didn't have to get close to see it. I always thought that if they can recreate this smell, that they would be able to use it as repellent. I do believe that each type of shark has a different odor and something that can be sensed immediately over a wide range. Like how sharks can smell blood over long distances, so can they sense this odor. It makes sense, it's just a matter of survival of the species, warning system.

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Does “Essence of Dead Sharks” Work as Shark Repellent? (Video)

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