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  1. How to be a conspiracy theorist:

    Step 1: Decide which stance will make you seem more of a snowflake who's not like the other sheeple, maaaan.
    Step 2: Work backwards to construct your entire argument to support that theory.

  2. It had "the right people" in it? Those who represent the fucking establishment that would be the ones hiding UFOs if they did exist? Somebody just fucking dispose of that chinless Looney Tunes vulture cunt.

    The only UFOs, BTW, are ones that the government made to pull off the bullshit that Michio Kaku is constantly promoting about alien invasion, this serving, of course, as a means toward the end of garnering support for a one world socialist system, which the Kaku sucker advocates for anyway, and also attempts to gain support for by appealing to the fucking Trekkie desire to explore space as part of a communistic fucking system with no rights, no property, except that everybody and everything would be property of the state.

  3. If we're not careful trump could start a civil war,ten's of thousands of people have been killed just because one part of the population wanted assad and the other part didn't, and all the people in the middle paid the price,To much love for a single politician is not a good thing.

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Discussing “Unacknowledged” Troyquan’s UFO documentary suggestion | J&S (Video)

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