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  1. I still dont believe that the war with nazis were number 2. Surely there must have been more world wars before 2016? Right? There is no way its second world war. Nope. ( i get it its recorded war.. but still) there must have been more then 2 .. theres no way. Human race is too weird for that.

  2. If Nazis achieved space travel back in 45! They'd Film it, Broadcast it, they'd sing it from the rooftops etc. If they made it to space before anyone had ever scratched the surface, they would've won the war. This theory is untrue!

  3. The Nazis fled to Antartica
    The Nazis fled to the Moon
    The Nazis fled to Mars
    The Nazis fled to Argentina
    The Nazis fled to the Baltic Sea
    The Nazis fled to Uruguay
    The Nazis fled to an Underground Base
    The Nazis fled to Mongolia
    The Nazis fled to Uzbekistan
    The Nazis fled to the I.S.S
    The Nazis are reptilians
    The Nazis are aliens
    The Nazis are still in Germany
    All The Nazis Are Dead

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Did The Nazis Build A Secret Moonbase? (Video)

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