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  1. @ 2:00 minutes in, the guy in the back between Austin Powers and the reporter, has some hinky antics with his eyes. Then his head goes down and he has something moving and trying to shift, on his hair…..yeah baby!!! Lmao

  2. Let me get this straight A SUPER RACE, of SHAPESHIFTING REPTILIANS, came to earth, applied for jobs on fucking NATIONAL TELEVISION, just to accidentally shapeshift in front of the camera for all of us to see? Are you fucking retarded or are you fucking retarded you fucking retard.

  3. I am so fed up of this reptilian 7 foot lizards live on the moon shit I mean OK laugh i am a flat earth Research ships don't sail over the ocean and Flat Earth man songs and videos FFS at this rate i will become a hit man for Rothschild s because ppl to me need bloody depopulated

  4. thats exactly what i would do if i wanted to control the world as part of my reptilian shapeshifting overlord program, send one of us to report on english second division football games, on a cold saturday afternoon in blackburn.

  5. To expose all hidden secrets: Change the main political rulership system! Not by bloodline but by sharp Intelligence Tests and Psychic Tests. Publicly proofed Intelligence not bloodline! Most of the rulership is mentaly degenerated… Don't be against the old bad but be FOR the new good change. It makes a different.

  6. Actually a very powerful production this video. Person who made ir, really knew what he was doing. Can see how credulous or mentally fragile, maybe tormented people could be affected by and find explanation and purpose in this kind of video. Had it been a movie, I would really had been able to immerse myself in the history.

  7. I don't know why……….is gotta be fake…..I said that because…everytime someone have a ufo video or reptilian…..the video is a very poor quality…..never hd……what that tells you………is only one thing……FUKING FAKE……NOW EVERYBODY UNDERSTAND.

  8. Going from the segment around 2:18 im gonna say no that guy is not just drunk and having a laugh photobombing but is in fact possessed the eyes tell a break from human to something not human.

  9. Haha. Ian Dowie is the first one and I'm a Everton fc fan based in Liverpool merseyside and I can confirm to you all, He's just A fucking ugly geezer that's all Hahaha. And the second one is a working class British football fan just pissed that's all… Funny though. Poor Ian Dowie Hahahaha just s firmer footballer commentating on his sport

  10. 2:07 His eyes are fully lit by the super bright lights on the reporter, EXCEPT for where the reporter is blocking the light and that area of blocked light (and possibly a black/dark suit) is creating the black "slit iris" which is actually merely an absence of/blocking of the bright lights. This is the most common mistake on these videos… that and low quality video.
    As for me, I DID catch a reptilian iris on TV with my camera just yesterday.
    My phone rang right when I was starting to record it- I ignored it. When I called the number back – the number did not exist!!!

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