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  1. It is that Baal the Storm God again? Have we done something to upset that old boy? If he gets too big for hit britches, fear not folks. I shall call upon Marduk and there will be nothing left of Baal by a grease spot. Baal will be taken down just as easy as Tiamat was. Rest easy.

  2. This has nothing to do with magical demons or sorcery fairytale stuff but, any tech caught in the clouds cloaked or otherwise sparks my interest. This happens over Cali on a daily basis and unfortunate as it is impossible to comprehend widely ignored ridiculed or non existent in almost all residents who are very manipulated monkey people with a perception fabricated by the same families for thousands of years monkeys! You are rendered retarded if you can’t stop watching tv or going on Facebook or other social media sights which is literally almost the only noticeable difference in my own daily habits and you don’t see me thinking drugs are bad or terrorism is an ongoing threat fought by snatching resources committing genocide suppressing reality and pointing a finger at the only people fighting against it claiming it is the reason for destroying the planet taking peoples freedom and stealing all our money to fund all the atrocities that exist.

  3. It’s my opinion that we’re living on top of a cube. A flat earth realm in an inclosed dome under which are the 🌞,moon and stars. This circular flat earth sits in a square like a pizza pie 🥧 still in its flat box 📦 which is the top of a cube🕋

  4. this is real!!! i know and i think i was abducted by it …it was with another cube and red and blue orbs …..a loss of power and time stay away from it …please

  5. Interesting angle, I havent been religious for a while, until my obsession with ufos and ancient sightings led me down a biblical path. Its strange you should mention cubes because I seen a cube sitting on a beach in Ocean Shores,WA. It was definitely mettalic, no rust, the strange thing however was that it was slightly vibrating….especially after struck with a mettalic object. It was warm to the touch, even with the cold sea water washing up around it. I was curious to see if it was radioactive. There have been several similar cases in oregon and california and ive been wondering if there's any kind of connection.

  6. Little correction: Utnapishtim is not Gilgamesh himself. Gilgamesh heard of a tale of one that has been alive since before the deluge thousands of years before his time. The epic of Gilgamesh has a central theme: immortallity and thus when Gilgamesh became sick after his soulmate Enkidu dies he wanders the world in search of Utnapishtim, who is supposed to be made immortal for his deeds, to aks him what the secret behind immortallity is and how he could achieve this.
    Some scholars believe that Utnapishtim is the sumerian name for the real name of Noah (since most if not all of the names in the bible are short abbreviations of their real names). Gilgamesh did not experience the flood himself, but his name is found on the historical sumerian kings list. This does not prove the tales are real, though this does proves that there has been a king of uruk named Gilgamesh and he reigned for 126 years somewhere around 2600 B.C. The epic is way older than all the biblical pieces so because of the great simularity with the biblical flood we can say that the biblical flood story originated from this epic. The epic of gilgamesh has more elements found also in the OT. In fact in Gen 11 it is said that Abaraham comes from the land of Ur of the Chaldees, where the Chaldees are Babylonians and Babylonia existed from 1800 – 500 B.C. There is a high probabillity that this Ur refers to the sumarian Uruk before the region fell under Babylonian reign, explaining the link between giglamesh and noah and the biblical interpretation.

  7. Utnapishtim is NOT Gilgamesh He is NOAH and was Enki's ( one of the Annunaki gods) son with a human female. He was king of Shuruppak and is called by many differnet name sall over the world. Atra Hasis is one name and there is an entire Sumerian tablet that tells the flood story LONG before the bible

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