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  1. o mundo a que ja acabou quantas vezes acho que a que tinha tecnologia avancada e talvez alguns seres humanos fugiram para otros planetas em velocidade ipê sonica para eles passaram so tres anos mas para nos já se passor 3,000.anos talves eles estão voltando para casa…

  2. I've seen a harmonica rattle out of the case, it bounced off the draining board, landed on the floor and vanished, I've also seen loads of UFOs, if I was watching what I saw on a screen i would have thought it was photo shop or whatever you call it, what I've seen with my own eyes was real, if you want to see UFOs learn about The chemtrails and teach others, how often and how long do you look at the sky for each day, i don't know if someone made this video on their computer or genuinely filmed it, the craft I've seen weren't in space, i couldn't see anything or anyone driving them , but the defied gravity and were completely silent, moving at impossible speeds, the nearest and lowest one made no wind or noise

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CRYSTAL CLEAR UFO ALIEN OVER LUXEMBOURG!!! Caught On Tape 5th November 2017!!! (Video)

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