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  1. I live in the country in North Central Oklahoma. We sit on nearly 60 acres of mostly wooded land with a small Creek running through it along with a couple of ponds. We have plenty of coyotes on our land that we hear at least once a night. They make all kinds of sounds and howls, but I've NEVER heard anything like this at night. I don't know what it is but it's most likely not a coyote.

  2. I have heard very close to this on more then one time. I maybe able to help enlighten you in this area. its very scary listening to this but know this, it is real. Let me know if I can help.
    john s

  3. In 2009 We lived east of hartshorne off highway 1, where pine creek is, any how Me & my son picked up my nephews, it was as around 11 and as I was crossing Gaines creek & pine creek I smelled a strong odor, it gave me chills, my son & nephews asked what the smell was? When got home I made them go inside & I grabbed my .44 mag & flashlight & as I was going behind house I could smell it even stronger & my dog started growling & he went in the woods & he came back hauling ass, & then that's when I heard the scream & then another with a kinda growl at the end, I heard something like a crash of wood & I ran back to front of house, i stood there about 10 15 mins listening & could hear it way in the distant. I told my wife & she believed me because my 8 year old son said once before he saw a man walk over the top of fence, any how, we moved.

  4. etcetera not excetra. If you want credibility one must spell correctly and not attempt to entice fools with such apparent sounds of typical K-9's. If you say you think it was a BF then the hammerheads that listen to this stuff will automatically agree. Real Science, not pseudo-science is the only thing that matters here, and everywhere. Ponder this. A creature of such immense size as BF would have a huge lung, throat, nasal, and mouth capacity. thus any sound emitted from it would not sound like anything you have ever heard before. A voluminous sound totally unlike what you have recorded here. Good luck in the future.

  5. I can hear it just fine.
    sounds like its coming from a speaker though. not a natural tone. I'd say she has call blaster of sorts and is messing with her dog because in this part of Oklahoma kids get bored and whats better than scaring your dog on a lonely night in the sticks.
    not far from me.

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Creepy Bigfoot Howls In Oklahoma USA 2015 (Video)

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