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  1. I had to upload this footage in another manner because YouTube recognizes my editing logo and music and they black out my videos and you can only hear but not see the video. I had to cheat and just upload the video without my usual logo and music!

  2. Nice footage Mauricio, it begs the question how does he do it??? how does he call the UFOs down??? have you try to duplicate it to replicate what he is done??? πŸ‘½

  3. The more I see of UFO's the more it makes me think governments may control us and kill us for speaking the truth about what we have witnessed, to dumb us down or to cover up this phenomenon ,but they cannot CONTROL the occupants of said craft and have no way of stopping them from making themselves known, think about it if they ment us any harm they could of do one so 1000's of years ago or at anytime since ,I point you back to the time when a UFO frightened Alexander the Great and his army so much so the his men even tried throwing spears at said craft ,if they had wanted to rule over us enslave us they could of done so ,but haven't the only ones we have to fear are our own rulers

  4. Dissapointed that you tube are trying to mess mith you Mauricio.. kerry Cassidy over at project camelot is having a worse time of it. She has had 2 strikes and if she is devistated.. Really Sad l. She could loose her entire archive of 15 yrs.. Most of us depend on channels like yours and kerrys for the truth with no BS or cgi. I hope you will not be going anywhere yet my friend.

  5. The scary thing is that Robert Bingham can summon the ufos and he can do it wherever he goes and you kinda start to wonder is he an Alien. And you can see he's getting old and within 10 or hopefully 20 years he will be gone too but what he shows us is that we can summon the ufo but I think that the later generation is gonna loose it cause he is from a generation that looked up instead of always looking down at their phone

  6. Told you theyπŸ‘₯ are watching and listening.and this video with Robert I seen this a while back.this guy is a ufo magnet.authentic footage guys.!!!!

  7. Seems YouTube is the best way to share the truth and some people calling the shots don't like that. Everyone needs real news. Thank you for the video.

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