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  1. Welcome back, Faithful Viewers!
    For this week's weirdness we bring you the tales of Yeti DNA Testing being a real Bear, Eyelid Shaving in China, and a fresh, highly unusual sighting of a 'rod' or 'cigar' shaped UFO caught on tape by two separate witnesses more than a mile apart. 

    What was floating through the air over Route 16 in New Hampshire last Tuesday morning? 

    Was it Alien visitors laughing at our transportation system? 
    Was it a test of an unidentified government project? 

    Sound off below!

  2. No doubt, when it comes to Yeti and Bigfoots, there are many hoaxes and bear tracks mistaken for the actual thing. However, all Yeti and Bigfoots are bipedal and their tracks, made while walking upright, are very different than those of a quadruped of similar weight walking on all fours. IIRC, there was a case years ago where it was noticed that a remote shack up in Canada was be visited by a Bigfoot and someone set up a trap for him. He placed a wooden board on the porch in front of the door that had the points of nails driven up through it. Sure enough, a few days later, they found blood stains on the nails because, during the night, the creature accidentally stepped on it (ouch!). That blood's DNA was analyzed and the genetic "finger prints" found did not match any known species in the database. It appeared to be a cross between human and gorilla!

    Nice detective work with that recent dual witness video case from New Hampshire. I think it was an ET mothership and a rather large one at that. Probably around 1,500 feet in length. The black hull color is unsual and indicates it was capable of using plasmadynamic propulsion in a planet's atmosphere which is usually only reserved for the smaller "scout craft" that these huge vessels deploy when exploring a new (to them!) terrestrial planet.

    The black coating is an electrical insulator material (probably a plastic polymer that is sprayed onto the roughened metal hull and hardens as a solvent evaporates from it) that prevents the ions in the atmospheric plasma flowing over the huge hull's surface from contacting the metal hull below the coating and being discharged which would then low the concentration of ions in the plasma and thereby reduce the flow rate of the plasma.

    Plasmadynamic propulsion in ET motherships tends to be very inefficient due to the large surface area over which the plasma layer must be made to flow. Keeping ion concentration as high as possible is important for maximum terminal velocity which, even so, is only a few hundreds of miles per hour. I notice that the first witness mentioned that he saw a "reddish glow" along the length of the mothership and this is another characteristic of ET plasmadynamic propulsion systems. As the nearly massless ions flow around the hull of the massless mothership by the Lorentz forces applied to them, they do so in a series of microscopic cycloids which resemble the motion of a thrown ball bouncing up and down as it moves horizontally over a surface. That cycloidal motion represents constant accelerations and decelerations of the ions and causes them to emit a form of EM radiation known as "cyclotron radiation". If the mass of the ions is low enough, which it will be if they are near the hull of a massless UFO, then the ions will emit cyclotron radiation in the visible portion of the EM spectrum that, in the case of this ET mothership, was toward the lower frequency red colored end.

    Well, it's certainly an excellent case and most likely involved an ET mothership. It's just too bad that the videos were recorded with cellphone cameras when, ideally, they should have been capture with high resolution video cameras attached to high power telescopes. Most likely, that was done from one of the nearby military bases that were tracking this UFO on their radar. The video they caught would have been immediately sent to the "Cosmic Watergate" criminal conspirators for evaluation and, by now, they know the actual length of the vessel, its diameter, and its surface features. They've probably already compared it to a database of other ET mothership images they've captured over the decades to see if it is a first time arrival or represents a repeat visitor. My guess is that it was a first timer and just happened to come down in that area because its pilot possibly believed that, with all of the other air traffic, his craft's presence might go unnoticed if it was spotted on radar. However, that is rather risky to do during the daylight hours because, if another aircraft came close enough, its pilot might be able to get some quality photos of the vessel.

    Whenever I hear of a case like this, the first thing I wonder is what would have happened if the ET mothership had come down to an altitude of only a few thousand feet and dozens of independent witnesses managed to capture video of it? In such a situation, which could happen any day now, even the UFO "Silencers" would be unable to cover it up. People would demand that the US Congress begin investigating the now decades long UFO cover up and finding out who has been conducting it and what they've learned about our ET "visitors". The eyes of the world would be on the hearings and then, finally, the American people would realize the extent of the criminal lengths gone to in order to keep them deaf, dumb, and blind to the ET/UFO reality. I believe that day of reckoning is coming and it's coming soon!

    Anyway, keep up the good work of bringing these MUFON cases to us on Youtube. Come to think of it…why is MUFON not doing that???

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“Cigar” UFO Caught on Tape Over NH – PNT’s Weekly Report (Video)

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