Caught On Camera: CHP Officer Knocks Motorcycle Rider Over With Cruiser During Memorial Ride, Family (Video)

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Comments 49

  1. I hate cops. Most are the hugest assholes in the world. With that said. The biker was wrong and trying to run away. The cop did the right thing and probably saved his life.

    I've seen so many bikers get in huge accidents, being reckless and endangering lives.

  2. He should pull over way back
    If he didn't hear the sirens ( bull sh**t ) police car was next to him what the f**k he was blind also and he says even see the police car with that high speed?
    I support officer's in this case because I'm in road 16 hours a day every day I see all this sport bikers do crazy things on road that put the other life in danger.
    Yes they have rights to Ride Lawfully and commit suicide by high speed but not to be dangerous for other life in streets.

  3. Just like immigration many Latino of this comment immigration don't respect law enforcement and laws. In all fairness thier are some who do. Like alot other groups thier are those play the constant victim.

  4. The rider didn't care about his or others safety when he was running from the cops, why does he all of a sudden care when he's finally stopped?

  5. wow…so riding a moto.. bike is illegal to a state trooper… ok. ill remember that… its like now a days… NOT DOING A CRIME IS A CRIME …. AND ANY COP AND STATE TROOPER CAN DETAIN ARREST..PULL OVER AND ABUSE THEIR POWER TOWARDS UU …THE IGNORANT PEOPLE… THANK UUU. THANK UUU… JUST WOW… like ants.. ignorant. ape ants… ok i will never trust HUMANS… 3

  6. but why was he pulled over… WHY… so. uuu wearing a state trooper uniform give yah the right to just pulled random or certain people over simply because U CAN… no no no…thats NOT HOW THE JUSTICE SYSTEM WORKS OR THE AMERICAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS GIVEN … SO WHY WAS HE PULLED OVER.. just cause the cop doesnt LIKE bikers… thats not an excuse to pull a biker over ..dumb humans.. this male human used his stupid cave man brain. and started something that wasnt there…

  7. Love how these so called bikers try to take the downed bikers bike from the cop. Or saying the cop should have acted in a more professional manner. Would like to know is the cop supposed to pull up next to the fleeing biker and say please pull over? Or if they know so much about policing why aren't they cops???

  8. Thats straight up vehicler assault! Yes, he should've pulled over, but that doesn't justify the dangerously abusive behavior on the part of the thug cop. His training taught him more reasonable and safer ways to handle this. Cop should be taken out and shot for this careless and reckless nazi behavior!

  9. i ride a bike, 28 years now, IF A POLICE OFFICER IS BEHIND YOU WITH THE LIGHTS ON, FUCKIN PULL OVER!!! most of the time there cool!!!!, dont be a dick!!! just pull over man,IF your legal, 9 times out of 10 youll get a warning,

  10. Does not matter if this guy broke the law or not, look up chp guidelines for pit to bikes, they can not use pit unless they are being shot at, did anyone see the cannon that guy was holding? yea, no need to knock him over and it could have been worst..

  11. The cop should be promoted. I only wish we saw more of this. These assholes on bikes think they're better or above the law cuz they can out run a car. Very simple, lights on…ya stop. He should be training the CHP in his dept. how to do this.

  12. I don't feel sorry for that biker one bit! I just got done watching bikers vs cops lol. He had a helmet on so it couldn't have been that bad haha. Cop was not in the wrong, if he didn't do that theres no way he would of caught that biker.

  13. I would want to see the Troopers perspective not just people on the sideline, cause that guy did not look like he was slowing down till the Trooper forced him off the road. And plus you are supposed to pull over to emergemcy lights anyways not speedup.

  14. Yep I saw the video of him running red lights fleeing….. He brings the law and the officer is right everyone can the chip's CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL AND COMMEND THE OFFICER TELL THEM TO CHARGE THAT RIDER WITH ALL THEY CAN

  15. I noticed that it was at a intersection of the person on the bike was going to run why didn't he just turned the corner and then run it is clear that he was trying to pull over…….

  16. F*ck the CHP. I received a ticket from a fresh out of the academy CHP officer in a residential area for touching my phone more than twice (new lame law as of 1/1/18) on my phone’s dash holder. No warning just a $200 ticket! I don’t mind cops but the CHP are f*cking idiots.

  17. A couple friends & I were attacked by an outa control officer using his cruiser as a weapon speeding around a blind turn with no lights or sirens on as a warning. We were nearly stopped when the syco officer smashed into my friend sending him flying & his bike ending up on the cruisers hood! My reaction was the same as the officers because I was next to his open window by this time with both of us saying "Holy Shit" I then looked forward & a Jimmy police vehicle was barreling down on me! I head faked to the left & sure as shit the Jimmy police cruiser turned towards my head fake to hit me, also with no light or sirens on. At this point I was for certain these officers had no other intention but to do great bodily harm if not fatal intentions. I did what I needed to do so would not end up in hospital or even dead so I proceeded to run even if meant to safty of an officer from another city. This when these dirty cops decided to turn their lights & sirens on ! LoL sons of snitch bitches

  18. Finally a comment thread with common sense. I love riding and don't want the cops having the idea we all run. He had been speeding for a while and the family is pushing another false narrative.

  19. Wife said "hit him out of nowhere"…. Yeaaaah riiiight….. Video clearly shows the cop chasing him and him not stopping…..

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Caught On Camera: CHP Officer Knocks Motorcycle Rider Over With Cruiser During Memorial Ride, Family (Video)

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