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  1. According to the original design engineers working on the landing
    vehicle's rocket engine, in mock-up landing attempts here on Earth,
    every attempt to land failed, with legs breaking and landing on it side,
    to bouncing and landing on its roof. Every attempt to land the lunar
    landing vehicle failed.
    So on the strength of 100% failure rate, NASA decided to attempted to
    land on the moon with multi billion dollar equipment and real astronauts
    and made a perfect landing first time.
    Are we really expected to believe that??

  2. WOW. This video is amazing. To see someone like Buzz Aldrin contradicting his own words shows you the immense power that the people who hush the UFO phenomenon have.
    In another video here on Youtube Buzz Aldrin said a totally different thing. He said that this unidentified object flew along side their aircraft for a LONG time, and that they didn't want to tell Euston that they are followed by aliens because they were afraid the mission will be cancelled.

    In that video Buzz Aldrin is very positive that what they saw was a UFO and not a panel or something.

    To think that he was contacted by very powerful people who in no uncertain terms demanded that he changes his version and deny that what they saw was a UFO.

  3. Hey Buzz, we have scuba divers in "space" in Russian EVA-22 (with one holding a light reflector). We have air bubbles from all the agencies present along with underwater muted colors, and gravity in a "zero-g" environment.


    Mind explaining all that? Might want to also explain as a Free Mason (astronaut's were Mason or Demolay) why you have a current date of 6013 A.L. outside your Luciferian Masonic Lodge.

    This "hero" became a drunk/suffered depression after lying.

  4. yeah, haha yeah I will take the word of a seasoned astronaut, the best and brightest pilots and commanders multiple accounts of what they saw over internet einstein's

  5. Yet others like Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell all admitted UFO's are real and we've encountered them. I respect Buzz but he knew what he saw out there. They had code words for UFO's called Santa Clause. Buzz is being a good soldier here. He was told by NASA to quite down about the UFO he saw. Look how his story has changed over the years.

  6. She was not just a plain old teacher, She had a bachelors a masters, beat out 11,000 applicants and trained rigorously for more than a year. So don't be a cunt.

  7. why he is making such a short story so long? LIER!
    and when one day man (possibly Chinese) will really step on lunar surface all their pants will be wet with sweat and urine.

  8. So great to see this 60+ year old man speak in circles around 90% of people including myself, the reporter and youtube viewers. Thanks for sharing this. I love youtube. some people became so confused in his details they slipped back in evolution and started youtube commenting accusations right here that this genius is a witch lol POOF now the world will believe we can actually land on that huge movie prop in the sky

  9. I guess you no better than a astronaut about 'lights' in space. He just work all his life to go in space but he's a redneck that see 'lights' like you say. I wonder why you never went in space OHHH i know because you dont no shit about space!!!!

  10. buzz smashes your worthless face moron. can u imagine how a panel in 6000 km distance look like ? drifting in dark space ? its flying a straight path. and its looking like a mirror in the sun if the angle is right. so STFU

    all this troofer shit is so pathetic. get a life … fly to mars. pussies !

  11. Do you know how hard it is to become an astronaut? This man has a degree in engineering from West Point, a doctoral degree in astronautics from MIT (the worlds top university), he's a former Air Force jet fighter pilot who has flown over 60 combat missions. Yeah, I'm sure he couldn't tell what one of his own panels look like. I think I'll take the man with the credentials word for it (Buzz), not some nobody on youtube who hasn't accomplished a fraction of what this man has (you).

  12. At least Buzz says one thing clearly that I wish everybody would hear and understand… A "UFO" is nothing more than something "Unidentified"! It doesn't mean Aliens, or Space Craft, or anything other than something Unidentified. Many of us have seen UFO's. That doesn't mean we think we saw a flying saucer. Most often it's a Planet, or Military Aircraft, or a strange cloud formation, or whatever. UFO does NOT mean "Little Green Men"! You're not crazy to merely see something unidentified…

  13. All of Aldrins answers are honest and make sense. It was indeed by his definition unidentified in the sense that it could not be proven to be a part of the spacecraft but most likely, in his opinion ,PROBABLY was a panel. If you don't have sufficient data to determine what something is it is "unidentified". That does not necessarily mean it was an alien craft. All it was was an unidentified moving point of light. No big conspiracy here. Nothing about the sighting to make a big deal over

  14. The Bible and the Quran. Most of the world still believe in one of those. This goes WAY against what they were taught. At least that's what I read somewhere. It seems very naive to me to think this is all there is in this vast universe

  15. @silbitnuoc It was probably part of some comedy program on their planet….like Jack Ass….."watch as these primitive hairless apes climb into a giant rocket and try to blast off and land on their own moon…what morons, theyll be lucky not to blow themselves up!"

  16. We went to the moon to further advance our rocket systems for incontinental ballistic missile. By going to the moon it was a technological puncking of Russia. Those who believe we didn't go to the moon also believe in some crazy shit like 2012 end days. Lol silly ass people.

  17. Can I please just ask .. why is it so hard to believe in aliens or atleast other life on other planets ? Is it because we are so fucking simple and naive that we dont know any better ? mmm ! Think about it !!

  18. @beastshawnee Beast…? I understand we are sharing this planet with other organisms brother. You gotta give me credit enough to know that!!
    But dont forget that when we talk about "we" not being alone in the universe, we are not talking about organisms that cannot communicate with us in their natural form or develop a means to be able to have communication with us.
    We are from the same creation idea as the Galactic Civilisations that can communicate with us.
    No hostility from me btw Beast!

  19. If a President can't keep a girlfriend secret, do you think we could keep a fake moon mission secret. Way too many people involved and well a the Russians would have said something. They watched what we were doing. So did the French and Brits to name two more.

    The Germans were hitting London with rockets in 1945, A lot can happen in 24 years.

  20. Yeah it was truelly a great story "Going to the moon, runnin around pickin up neat stuff, and skippin rocks accross the sea of tranquility. Yeah It would have been grand if they just would have had real video of the earth shakin historical event. Imagine, going to the moon and bring back crappy fake video from a studio of all things. That would be like going to the bahamas, and then taking a picture in a studio back home with a kmart back drop. To bad they didnt have dusty lense cap.

  21. @nongratis1 Meaning, Hey if you want to come to the thirty year reunion we have this little matter we want you to clear up on video. Is that what you mean?

  22. I lol'd when he said "open compared to the Russians" so because people know a bit more than Russians did about their space program that makes it open, ROFL

  23. @captainroger Uh, we are not alone in the universe. Right here are many forms of life. Dolphins, parrots, high intelligence. prob is they don't look like aliens

  24. what a fish story, these clowns have interest in seeing unusual things on their way to the moon because it implies that they went to the moon when they really did not.

    UFOs and other anomalies on the moon or in space stories allegedly seen by astronauts is designed to suggest that they went to the moon when they really have not and not the UFO itself. richard hoagland is pretty good on this scheme as he was part of the moon hoax

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Buzz Aldrin Talks w/ Jim Clash about UFO Sighting (Video)

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