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  1. I saw a triangle shaped ufo like this one except the light on each corner were bright white.  This was at night so at first I wondered what the three bright lights in the sky were.  Then when I looked around the lights I could see the black triangle shape.  The corners of the triangle were rounded.  It hovered in the sky over head not moving until it finally just took off.

  2. guys I obviously believe UFO are real since the time I saw a triangular UFO with Green and Orange like lights. I've Also watched the sky at night and saw couple of stars moving together and then disappeared like that.

  3. What if the lights aren't really lights but a residual effect of the propulsion system? A friend here in Sydney Australia saw one of these one night. It was huge, made almost no sound save for a very low humming noise that was barely audible but only had very feint glowing ( lights ) at each corner.

  4. Its complete chaos that i havent seen before….you must stop fram and see all the faces …this is a fact or fiction of chaos…but it seems to be on every UFO photo or video, that is "real"

  5. All this is important these alien are not not friendly. Look and read the phoenix lights. The mother ship stay not far from the smaller ships. they look like triangle but have no middle section. Background of the phoenix lights. The United States Air Force later identified the second group of lights as flares dropped by A-10 Warthog aircraft that were on training exercises at the Barry Goldwater Range in southwest Arizona hmm not really. that was a distraction for the air force was fight smaller ship fighters in the desert. They shot one down and 3 men that were in the dessert went missing and are still missing. they did find the bones of one of the men. the other two were never found. It has been suggested that these aliens come here to hunt us. If these ships land or get shot down in your area leave run please.

  6. I'm just curious why do all flying saucers have to have flashing lights I mean for a superior intelligence race to have flying aircraft what would they need lights for with all the enter traveling stellar flying that they do why would they need lights just curious

  7. ok you guys. I'm officially with mufon (and yes i have seen a ufo up close. Please please learn how to spot fakes (this is not a ufo)………..First of remember the name of the person posting the vid (this is important) because they will "do it again"………………3rd fart of moon is a faker surcure team of nothing is a faker……please learn to realize the copy paste fakers of anything that is 100 percent real. unreal…………….

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