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  1. I like how Bigfoot even though he's so curious he strategically stays away from the camera while that big for sure is smart wants to investigate but under no circumstance will he go near the camera…. there's only a few sets holes left that still believe in Bigfoot why do you put fuel on the flame….

  2. Pen cameras work friend. Ive been putting them on the front dash and customised to fit looking out on side windows, they run for about 2 hours straight which is usually long enough. Thinking outside the box mixed with old fashioned ways is always good practice. Thanks for the video

  3. A 360 cam.. or better yet.. with the low cost of these new high res cell type cameras.. just install a whole bunch on every corner, angle or panel of the truck. I have to believe theyd slip up enough tgen to be seen.. if all angles are covered

  4. Hi Mark I'm from New Zealand I think all the videos are great your friend that walked ahead in one of the videos and came back looking a bit freaked out saw one pairing out from a tree seemed all too real. I have been watching a few episodes of Finding Bigfoot on the national geographic channel and I can see from your experience out there many things that they were doing wrong such as tree knocking them selves and trying to call out to them. As you said they know the difference. I was thinking though that camera rear facing as you walk is good and all of your mates in the field having a camera as well. One thing I kept thinking about as well if you kept going back to a hot spot may be bring food like apples each time when you get the rocks thrown at you just leave the fruit there. then after a while may be when they see your truck or know it is you they will be more comfortable just a though?

  5. I don’t thing the camera in the truck is thinking outside the box. Putting the knocks and rocks hitting the truck is not a good idea because there is no proof that a Bigfoot did it. It could of been you or one of your buddies. Now if something turned your truck over that would be different. Maybe the Bigfoot just does not like the brand of truck you have. It might seem like I am being hard on you and your team but I’m not. Just suggesting you not putting anything in your videos that could be considered as staged. Good luck 🍀

  6. The guys I am working with collect massive amounts of audio from their hot spots. One thing I've noticed when cleaning it up is that the wood knocks tone are almost always the same. One group of knocks from a different area, different time of year will be the exact pitch/tone has a knock from 2 miles away months later. I've experimented with beating different pieces of wood together of different sizes and age…you get different pitches according to the size/dryness of the wood. Some folks claim they've seen BF use the palm of its hand against a tree to create the knock…Interesting.

  7. I have been watching your channel for a long time…One thing I have been thinking about, do you think it would work if you put a camera lying down on the front seat and the inside bed of your truck, if you would be able to capture them knocking or at least investigating your truck?

  8. How about a long range fpv camera with audio, on a motorised platform or servo that you can place on a pole in the ground, and watch from a few miles away. If they try to avoid it and sneak up behind, spin the camera around. Only issue would be receiving the signal with all the trees and shrubs, but there's a work around for that, you just need a ridiculously long antenna cable and some way to get the antenna above most of the trees…

  9. thinking outside the box here mark. Have you thought of land mines…or a grenade disguised as an apple? I would also consider a camera underneath your vehicle hidden at different angles… perhaps placed near the wheels…

  10. I only wunder what would happened if you turned your camera around and start to film from your front window frue inside of your car and back outside all the windows? If you have dark glas in your window it would not work.

  11. Excellent video. Yes, think outside the box.

    Have you considered putting an RFID tracker in an apple?

    I also heard Sasquatch like taking stuffed animals. I theorize we might get video if we do the Hollywood trick of changing a stuffed bear's eye with a camera.

  12. Have you considered using a 360 camera? or placing a camera far away looking at the truck and then seeing if anything approaches it? Maybe a tiny drone operated by someone on the road?

  13. Camera's and Sasquatch have always been a tough go. Impossible Visitor went as far as running cords 400 feet to cameras. I suggested installing them in winter so the ground had time to settle in and be totally unnoticed, he did that too. During summer there was NO action but there was signs they were not happy! After he pulled the cords and cameras things returned to normal activity. What would they do if you mounted fake cameras with recorder inside? Would they avoid them too or not? Great work Mark! If you weren't so far away I would love to join you!

  14. I remember another researcher..thought it was sasquatch ontario…who would put out some small play toys trucks …there was a red one in the group…everytime they went back to check on them the red one would be knocked off on the ground…wonder if they dont like red?

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