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  1. If you came face to face with a big foot, and were lucky enough to get an indisputable video or picture, would you share it with the world? Or would you keep it secret out of the fear of what would happen if it was 100% confirmed that big foots existed? Just curious.

  2. Thanks P J for the big foot stories, you think that there would be more siteings over the past 200 years. England is like an island, maybe they swam the English channel at night under the cover of darkness. How many bigfoot can England hold and still remain so elusive.

  3. Great video PJ! I live in Britain so I'l be your videos about phenomena that takes place here, I'm very intruiged about the nine ladies stone circle, there is another stone circle not too far away in the lake district, might have to go investigate this summer… keep up the awesome videos!

  4. Damn that was good Pj to think they also see big hairy Monsters. I wonder if there’s something about the nine ladies and if it has anything buried there. Or if it has something to do with their Big Foot.

  5. Some of my native kin say us and then are the same and that we turned away from the old ways and were now how we are and i wounder ….in that way they say only medicine man can only talk to them

  6. As a British person, I can tell you there is not enough space here for a giant ape. England is either pure housing, city or farm fields. Forests are few and far between and very small. Scotland is too baron and exposed, there is just not enough food resources for a massive creature like this to survive. Wales, well it's mainly sheep farm land there. When you think that there would have to be more than one Bigfoot in order for species continuation, and the fact there are no solid sightings filmed, then it just doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

  7. Great video! As always. The gov’t would never let anyone keep a body or let it be shown. As soon as you call the Sheriff’s department, you can kiss that body good bye on top of being threaten that they will ruin your life if you talk about any of it.

  8. I wonder, If I will ever come across a cryptid in the forests of Finland.. Lets say, that I live in the forest, all year around, it's true btw.. But still I've never seen anything, but weird people.. 🤔☹️ These bigfoot sightings from the UK are a little strange, but cool 🤘 Great video, Thank You PJ! 🙂😘

  9. I am a 100% Bigfoot believer, but just baffled how bigfoot can live in the UK. And not be seen by far more people, because the UK is very small so not many places to hide. At the weekend many people go hiking, in the countryside, so it is just strange any way you look at it.

  10. What's up PJ? Howya been bud? I seen a video yesterday where they used you as source material. Dude you know you've made it big when you're being sourced. Lol, thanks for the great vid as always.

  11. have you read Skinwalker Ranch? There is one incident in which the researchers were on a ridge watching the area below through binoculars, and one of the guys saw what appeared to be the end of a tunnel or a portal, and a bigfoot-like creature crawling out of it….

  12. I hail from Indiana and ive heard all these cryptids from all the other states but all we have is the beast of busco literally a giant turtle and in my town we have the millrace monster but that’s all I could find you should do cryptids from Indiana

  13. They arrive with Aliens, an have been terminated or captured. wonder where they keep them?? By the US State Department, an the Intergalactic Police Nett,
    whilst, vetting, Alien arrivals. On Earth,
    their Pets,
    Same's your Rottweiler, pet an Guard.

  14. I also have a tale to tell, about drinking in a park, sitting in a car, will 3 friends, and seeing a dark shadow crawl by the front of the car, perplexed, I when I switched on my headlights, and to our horror the shadowy figure was a man… In a trench coat, bent over on his nees, revealing his naked ass just 3 meters in front of my car…. We all screamed in terror as I fumbled for my keys, throwing a beer bottle at him I drove out of that park like Michael Shumaker… Never to return. I get chills thinking about it to this very day. (True story)

  15. Great video m8 i live in cumbria in the uk nd one day me my brother nd my mate went for a drink nd a mad bod in the summer a few years bk nd we got to some wood just on the outskirts of ulverston wen my m8 had finished one of hes beers nd smashed hes bottle against a tree nd as soon as he did we started hearing a varry loud nd other worldly growling noise come from everywere we tryed for 5 mins to find the sorce bt couldnt see anything then it got 3 times louder nd seemed to snarl as u cn amguin as soon as it did wer ran the fuck out of there nd to ths day i wont go bk there alone again or unarmed im nt say itws definitely a bigfoot could hv been a rabed badger bt there was jst somthing about tht growl tht didnt seem normal nd haunts me to ths day

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Bigfoot Sightings In Britain Part 2 (Video)

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