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  1. Phil, how about the Joe Martinez Demon picture? In researching this picture, I keep hitting a wall as to the location of where this event took place. I say it's a statue, because of the obvious spray paint over and/or underspray, starting with the nose, specially compared to any other canine picture of their nose and or muzzle, the over exaggeration of the look of the dog, where the shadows on its face isn't washed out by the lighting, that is, if it were real. And then, again, to the location of this venue. I know of local clubs, in my neck of the woods, such as the Elk, Deer, Moose and Lions clubs, that have greatly exaggerated statues that can't be removed, when these clubs rent out their banquet halls. and/or basement churches. This seems more like a religious grotesque that may have been a staple in this venue, if not the community where it's located. but, alas, I can't seem to close on this 'anomaly'.


  2. I don't mind helping you Phil. There are people on planet earth that are called IDIOTS. They are the people that try to lie to every body and gain fame from their lies. If you make fun of them and call them names they get embarrassed and angry because you now know they are LIARS and IDIOTS. The problem is if you ignore them they don't just go away, they make more stupid things up because they think WE are the dumb ones. If you just keep doing what you do and we keep shaming them like we do they may eventually stop the stupidity, but then we may get bored. I hope that helps.

  3. When I was sixteen (1972) I was skinny dipping in a lake with my boyfriend near Mt. Hood in Oregon. We heard and smelled some creature that scared us buck naked in a truck speeding to Hood River. Now I've been an avid Bigfoot follower since, but I'm beginning to think whatever it was we heard, a howl/roar/scream, that made us abandon our clothes and not tell a soul wasn't what we thought. Like Nessy I don't believe we will ever 'discover' the creatures, but that Patterson film was genius, obviously.

  4. +ParaBreakdown If someone hasn't done so already, may I humbly offer up a new coinage for inclusion in the lexicon of bigfootery: PhotoSquatch? Anyone?

  5. Parabreakdown, that's the gorilla photo that went around last year (again). I was looking for it yesterday. It's a tough one to find on Google images because I believe it's out of a magazine. But I'm glad you found it! Thanks!!!

  6. I was going to say it was so far away, I wondered if the game camera came with radar.And its walking away, so was there other pictures, of course not, the radar must trigger at a 1/4 mile.

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Bigfoot? Sasquatch? Photoshop? (Video)

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