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  1. Littlefoot. In theaters September 28th. You sir, are Banned from all major theaters, playhouses, and blockbusters. The family of the Saquatch your father brutally murdered and whos body you continue to desecrate with your filthy ungloved hands will be suing you in Hollywood court. Good day, I said Good day sir.

  2. If I was in the area and I heard/saw there was a Bigfoot museum I'd definitely wanna go.
    I mean I don't believe in Bigfoot but who knows, it might make me a believer.

  3. Those are the same type of reinforced canoe's that were stationed at Pearl Harbor in World Ward 2, I believe! Legend has it that not one of those sea tanks capsized despite being heavily bombarded from all directions. If they can survive an airstrike they can survive a bigfoot I'd say!

  4. It's a fact that those conoes can hold masive amounts of weight. Especially when the weight is distributed properly. I hear Marty was best conoe paddle man in the state. It would be no problem for him to float the Skunk Ape.

  5. That is a very important piece of history Caine. Just like the rifle your dad shot the Bigfoot with. I'm surprised that canoe didn't sink with all that weight in it.

  6. Ty bro . Thank you for your services . Your father would be proud of you. He didnt want you ruin your life so he didnt want you to tell anybody unless it was the right time . Now is the right time .

  7. Is the canoe going as is, or will you be putting some time into it’s restoration? Looks like a solid hull under the old paint? Is the rail splitting at a joint or is it slightly rotted at the mid point? Retro fitting that rail looks possible! Boy, if you could restore that historical treasure before you sent it in, that would great! Would it reduce the canoes historical value?

    I can only imagine your dad spent most his time outside the boat bringing the beast back, given its weight.

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Bigfoot Museum acquires canoe used in 1953 to Transport Skunk Ape (Video)

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