**BIGFOOT FOUND Living In Junkyard** “MIB’s Threating My Friend!”–Episode #47, D.S.O.E. (Video)

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  1. Free wheeling ,Free thinking here:
    Sightings/encounters in the last 20 yrs or so of Bigfoot and Dog man have picked up around the same time it was admitted they can clone sheep.
    Had to be many many attempts at learning how to clone sheep before admitting they are making synthetic/imitation copies of the original.
    Physical/ Behavioral differences . Sometimes Bigfoot/Dogman going "Rogue" and needing to be dealt with?
    Curious about that eye shine . Some got it and some don't?
    Then there is the possibility that what people are saying is evil is a high intellect with control of emotion.
    Look at any human with IQ 160 or higher . They are very efficient and reserved in emotions.

  2. I live in the very town this gentleman is talking about and have had one grunt and growl at my gf and I while kayaking the creek this man speaks of. This whole area has been a hotbed of activity and strange things since I have been a kid in the 70's.

  3. Dude's killing me,…. "Chronically homeless…", I literally fell on the floor, OMG, Killing me, I tell ya. He's lying, but he's doing it so ignorantly. Notice how he supplies the I.D. in the tool bag story, only after musing profusely about how they called him, when there's no way they could have known it was him. Then much later, "I guess his name and phone number was written inside the toolbag he left behind." Duh????

  4. For something that the government are quick enough to deny exist they certainly react fast to cover up anything even close to proof. Denial doesn't make it go away, in my head it arouses suspicion, great show.

  5. Well dang Lance! I apologize for jumping to conclusions when I sure didn’t know the whole story. I absolutely did not ever in a million years think the guests would be hassled by anyone. Yep I guess I’m that naive. I do really love to know locations because it helps my visualization of the encounter but it now that I know,well, I’ll be very content to listen and not know all the details! And I do love your show and have listened since day one😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Thermal is great. We use Flir Scouts. They take video as well. Not bad for $599. The Thermal CB is using has to be in the $10,000+  The clarity is amazing. Thermal is very expensive. They have an $8000 drone camera I'd love to have for those critical aerial shots…. Oh well, I guess I will have to walk into those dark places with a sword, a go pro, and some luck. lol. Great job Lance!!

  7. Funny thing seems to be though that while bigfoot doesn't seem to want to be videod or photographed, Dogman seems to take some pleasure in the shock it conjures from people whether it's sight, video or photograph.

  8. probably the Hale-Bob comet. (however it's spelled) that was the comet that cult poisoned themselves all wearing black clothes and black high top basketball shoes….it was all over the news. anyway, Hale-Bob….late 90's

  9. Wait a minute so he got a cellphone Super expensive by the way; back in 1997? Yet they were stealing car parts?
    Am I missing something here or the time frames don't add up……..sorry but I'm confused

  10. So two things stand out like a sore thumb! A. I believe wholeheartedly that the government knew this creature was in that junkyard to begin with! That explains the truck with the bright lights. B. It all explains the one phone call to the one gentleman because he saw it which made him easy to pick out of the group! FORGET WHAT YOU SAW! how can you press charges on him. The classic scare tactic! So we all might as well walk around blindfolded! They threaten US CITIZENS over something they can't even control clearly! If you cant control or neutralize the situation then give people the right and opportunity to protect themselves WITHOUT ANY HARSH FOLLOW UPS BY THE MEN IN BLACK! A school bus ground clearance from panel to ground is 24inches. Now take the tires off . And like lance said the bigfoot was about 9 feet all makes sense!

  11. Your equipment is awesome! I captured something your electrical engineer may find interesting. I captured horizontal lines during an encounter. The horizontal lines only appeared during the encounter. It's not traditional Ground Loop Video because this is a portable camera and not a cabled camera. However, the premise behind Ground Loop Video is still a valid possibility. The only field of paranormal investigation that I know of that has captured the type of video evidence I captured June 21st, 2018 are UFO investigators. Read the timestamps in the description to jump to sections. New Never Before Documented Bigfoot Activity https://youtu.be/Zdo1WTU3YZA

  12. Yup there's definitely big foot in PA. I lived in the middle of no where in pa and they were our neighbors. My brothers and I were kids running around in the woods with the neighbor kids and they never bothered us. Actually I think they monitored us and kept other predators away…

  13. Back in the mid[80's, a few of my college buddies and I went up into ,Canada, to do weekend camp out. We ended up getting plowed over, and, stalked for two days by, bull Moose. Love sick, critters, are not to be played with.

  14. Yo take a look a thinker thunkers swamp ape in it you can clearly see the fur under the outer layer had a small white patch on back area/ upper shoulder. One I saw had alot of those white spots but she was cedar red almost like a deer with the spots in the contrast….it was gorgeous in the sunlight words cant explain.

  15. Never go out in any woods unarmed always be prepared I wonder if bear spray would have any effect on them I believe in carrying a heavy machete as well.back in my younger years I had a guy approach me and threaten me to be quiet and not talk about my experience but, being young and large and very strong I told this strange guy I will say what I want to whomever I want and there's not a damn thing he could do about it , this guy just disappeared completely vanished on a construction site back in 1980

  16. Please please quit blipping out names of people and places. If you are going guys are worried about getting into trouble then maybe this research isn’t for you. Vic and Wes rarely blip anything out. It’s awful to listen to this when it goes silent over and over.

  17. Cheers to the Engineer that joined your team, have him come on your show sometime we're looking forward to hearing what all he can do and why he has and interest in the cryptid creatures..

  18. Wow !!! You are so privileged to have that piece of equipment that goes to show how ya how down to earth real no bull type of channel you guys run you guys keep it so realistic that many people are willing to share there encounters I for one think it’s a great thing ya got going on.

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**BIGFOOT FOUND Living In Junkyard** “MIB’s Threating My Friend!”–Episode #47, D.S.O.E. (Video)

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