BIGFOOT FOOTAGE!! CAUGHT ON VIDEO!! – Flir Cam Captures Proof Of “Real Sasquatch” (Video)

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  1. I'm Convinced. I wouldve' Told My Son the SAME THING!! Did you See the Mitts on that Creature? Huge Menacing, & Stealthy ASF. Be Right up on You , and You would Not Know until it's Too Late. This is Real. Scary that This is Really Out there. Wow.

  2. … Grapes hear …. Dr. Michael Grapes, Hollywood, CA. As always, thanks for the submission. After careful analysis, the video is determined to be "inconclusive." Sorry, folks, but the infra-red unit is such poor quality it can not be considered to "demonstrate professional technique" rendering the clip "inconclusive." I would recommend repeating with high-quality trail cam. Also, be careful Simon DeBaldo has flooded the Florida market with Bigfoot costumes. DeBaldo has been barred from the field in many states including Texas. We get a high number of "false submissions" when this man is up to his shenanigans. If you see DeBaldo contact your state DNR office.

  3. Makes you wonder what are they doing with the hybrid offspring. They have to exist especially with all the missing hikers. D.P is trying to get the Government to come clean.

  4. The color separation in several different stills, and lack of stringy fur lead me to believe that we have a hoaxer dressed in typical hooded, track pants, and hightops, along with other articles of clothing that make the subject appear bulky, but not at all like a swamp ape/wood booger/sasquatch/bigfoot.

  5. That was a big scary BOY! No human can mimic that walk. My vote is yes it's diffinate. Thanks Cliff, you're the only one I trust on that show, we won't mention any names here and to you NvTv

  6. OK people two choices; either he's real or they have a time machine, a highly developed "gorilla" suit and have been screwing with my people for thousands of years, u decide, great video

  7. This is 100% authentic. They did a size comparison of this thermal footage on Finding Bigfoot with Bobo who is a massive 6ft 4 inches and weighs like 19 stone. This figure had at least another foot or even 2 feet on Bobo and was twice as wide as him. Even the show's sceptic Ranae could not find an explanation and was very impressed and convinced by this piece of footage.  Just look at how long the legs and arms are on that creature and look how the leg bends to a near enough perfect 90 degree angle as this creature walks between the tree line (it's impossible for any human to walk with that gait) plus not to mention how quickly it moves from tree to tree in a matter of seconds in pitch black darkness. Bigfoots exist and the US Government and all the other governments across the world know this and will continue to cover up the evidence through fear of losing their precious profits. Well done Stacy you have actually captured fantastic footage of a genuine Sasquatch and thank you so much Nv Tv for showing this excellent piece of authentic footage!

  8. Regardless if this is real…which I believe it is…there is a monster or monsters walking around in the forest sometimes…me and two friends witnessed something, it walked right past a hidden shelter we were in…it was made of fresh cut cedar…I don't think the big hairy beast new we were there, until one of the guys sort of freaked, I could see it's legs, I was no more than three feet from it…when it heard us…he took off fast and quiet…I shit you not and don't care if you believe me..

  9. I do believe this to be the real deal. No neck. Massive long arms almost the same length as the legs. I'm getting that Sasquatch feel from this vid. My verdict: Real.

  10. We need something more clear. It wasn't as hair raising as the title.
    Just say new footage. Even with best footage we something like this.

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BIGFOOT FOOTAGE!! CAUGHT ON VIDEO!! – Flir Cam Captures Proof Of “Real Sasquatch” (Video)

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