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  1. This is simply a clip from the movie, "Bigfoot: Curse of Blood Mountain". "Legends Beware" posted this or a similar clip in August, 2015 saying a farmer in Georgia had his cattle stolen by bigfoot. Watch the trailer for the movie and the video by "Legends Beware". Even the soundtracks are the same. LOL

  2. People claiming what theyd do IF they seen one…yea im sure you would be super psyched to hang where you just seen a bipedal giant cryptid that is estimated to be 5x stronger than a gorilla…foh

  3. So why not go over there where it was standing and look for evidence, do a size comp etc.?? Just upload a blurry and vague video? The first thing I would do is go to the exact spot so you can see clearly how big it is….but of course that would show it to be the fraud that it is so they didnt bother with that. Lets see…I capture bigfoot on camera and then dont bother to do any other investigating for prints, size etc.? Yea right…totally fake

  4. did anyone else notice that this very believable and what I believe is authentic that it sort of appears that the bigfoot captured here is as if it's appearing like its been beemed into our realm so to speak from possibly some place else and is why it grows to full size and not moving in distance but first viewing it moving side to side and suddenly viewing it's enormous powerful frame entirety and this is when it begins to move away realizing someone had seen it appearing being in the right place and time to not only witness but capture it coming into our world accidentally. I have followed it's tracks onc3 before on my family trapline to suddenly see the tracks stop as if it vanished and this could explain how it did this and walked through a portal to its ship or it's world. i believe this being as alien to our world and is why no bones have been found and is not part of our fossil records but know it's real and have had 3 encounters with it but sadly never once saw it

  5. I believe this is real. It just gave me chills just watching it! I had a Bigfoot well yowie in Australia dream. It was so random I was watching ghost and demon show, videos Bigfoot wasn't in my mind at all. I was taking my laundry out to the clothes line and my son said something and I told him no I will be in a minute, then when I finished I picked up my washing basket and I felt really thick course rub against me and I was like stop that, then my fingers ran through this hair and I started to walk back inside and I thought wait we don't have a dog as I turned their was a juvenile Bigfoot standing there and everytime I moved it moved then I banged on the glass and got scared and woke up..I was scared to go in my yard, I'm still scared to go out there at dark, it's only a small back yard tiny. But I can still feel it! Do you believe people are connected to a animal???

  6. this is the most believe able clip I've seen, the creature knows its been seen shows its size as a deterant and quietly walks away from conflict like a semi intelligent non violent animal would

  7. I LOVE this video. This is a typical behavior of sasquatch when they realize they have been sighted by a human. They will crouch down and then slowly get up to intimidate the human with their sheer size and mass. Thanks so much for posting this and thanks to the video capturer!

  8. There does not seem to be any details about this encounter. Not even the basics, which casts suspicion upon this evidence.
    Did you pirate this video?
    No date, no state, no corroborating data, no info about the witness, no tracks or bedding area exhibited, no distance & sizing comparison, what were the events leading up to the sighting, what occurred during the documentation, and afterwards, coloration, gender, sounds or vocalizations, why the witness was in the area, had there been prior sightings, were they hunting, are their big game in the region, as well as a water source, any olfactory or ultrasonic bombardment, any sense of danger, etc.
    Just the bare minimum.
    In any case, seeing the Sasquatch rise up to a standing position made my heart drop. Being there had to be frightening.
    Perhaps you can link the original source.
    Thank you.

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Bigfoot Encounter Caught On Tape 2015 (Video)

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