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  1. Show won't ever be what it could be without Tim Baker. I wish they would address this publicly and head-on. Dan & Vicki are seem very pleasant, but Tim's perspective is sorely missed.

  2. If Tim is no longer on this show and Jim is thats just stupid! I am sorry but Coonbo was the show and if he is gone then I probably wont listen to this bs anymore!!!!

  3. So sad that friends with such vast experiences and knowledge part ways after so long. The bigfoot community has enough problems as it is. I hate to see that spark diminished this way.
    As they say in showbiz “the show must go on,” but this is life, and our time on earth is very limited. There’s enough crap in this world to stretch to the sun and back a million times. I wish that wrinkles could be ironed out personally. The yearning for knowledge on bigfoot led me here. I hope it continues.

  4. Why are "The Outlaws" avoiding the elephant in the room? This show has lost interest without Coonbo & I think we deserve an honest explanation of what has happened.

  5. So sad that the show has lost its magical spark. It was the combination of the two bear and coonbo that made the show what it was they were a team and it just worked to bad friends have to fight like that life is too short to to corral over petty bullshit. I know from personal experience lost a lot of years with my bestfriend of 20+ years over stupidity not worth it hope they can resolve there differences before it's to late 🤝🤜🤛

  6. Why don't you discuss why the Sasquatch seem to glide like a ghost like their feet are not touching the ground? Some say they don't leave footprints because they glide.?

  7. welcome my friends I've never met any of ya but it feels like im listening to my best friends talk and tell story's thanks love ya all Bryan from Phoenix

  8. Woman states @ 40.00 That Bigfoot does not take a bath ! Pure bunk as all animals bathe , or wash themselves one way or another including Bigfoot ! People shouldn't be talking through their hats , without having all the evidence to back their statements ! ** Yes I have documented in a video from Washington State , showing the female Bigfoot with their young bathing in a stream , while the male Bigfoot kept watch over them !!! Thanks S.S.S./*Tom

  9. For people asking about Coonbo. From my understanding, some things came to fruition regarding him, his attitude and outlook, and also contributing to the ostracization of Bear. So, he was removed and/ or left The Outlaws.

  10. Have there been any sighting or confrontation reports with all the fires and weather anonilies…. No one seems to be covering or saying anything!? To add… Their apparent ability to hide in plain sight ( " disappear" ) as once discussed. Due to their hair reflection ( trying to avoid using the predator as an example….) but hollow hair strands like birds feathers. Could also go to explaining how they could also keep cool in high temperatures….?

  11. You guys know these things can swim hundreds of yards underwater . What makes you think they don't go swimming to cool off in a remote area ?

  12. Question I have always wondered…hopefully bear or one of the guys or gals will have an answer….how do Bigfoot deal with snakes?especially poisonous snakes like rattle snakes….do you think the hair on their feet is thick enough to keep the fangs from puncturing the skin? Or do you think they have developed an immunity to snake venom??

  13. Noway Bigfoot just doesn't exist.
    They hide in beaver holes and turn into orbs and enter trees

    Doc Johnson has already been told by zorth the high priests of the Bigfoot counsel of twelve trees
    All the secrets of Bigfoot

    Stop wondering all questions have been answered

    Doc Johnson is the poster child

    Of the Bigfoot community he is the Bigfoot genius

    End of story

    Bigfoot is a space alien and turns into orbs and lives in another dimension

    Period …

  14. I walk creek beds…. a lot of those trees rooted like under bank in Ohio it’s an old creek. Man I tell you Bear your knowledge freaks me the hell out, I bet I never again come out of the creek over one of those mfs …. lol you all got me so freaked I got two knifes on on each side anchored. Then got my bad ass walking stick…. and my more badder ass machete ….. To pick berries lol lol lol lol …. man I hear a snap I drop my berries grab my knife handles til I see no movement around me man like I’m on a battle field lol lol … did get a ground hog grill mean little fuckers … so thanks for making berry picking an adventure

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