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  1. Very interesting video and excellent analysis. Though not fully convincing I will offer this suggestion: for a camera to be that high and catch the second throw as well as it did I suggest the rock is large and for it to bounce off a tree like that there would have to be a lot of force in the throw. Likely not easily accomplished by someone in a suit.

  2. I have seen people pretending to see a Alien just puts the head & says oh that's really scary & you know it's his mate who has to be the Alien that day , but it's a mockery & they will do some more putting on the suit

  3. Obviously someone just acting for the camera they know is there. Interesting that all these BF posters always end up trying to discredit each other. Interesting subject but so little genuine evidence. Too much use of the old potato cam I think !

  4. I think it was just a dude that decided to live "off the grid" and is wearing some animal fur. Also, the camera was shaking because cough it was in a tree and it was cough a tad windy. :T

  5. Walks like a bloke in a tracksuit.
    Could the shake be a minute focus adjustment rather than physical movement by the cam?
    Could it be a gust of wind at an inopportune time?
    Could it be the same joker mucking about in the forest jumping on a branch/log in contact with the camera mounting point?
    Just saying.
    Looks to me like a young bloke in a dark tracksuit mucking about. Heck when i was young n fit i used to jump on and off stuff like that without even thinking about it.

  6. It seems like many of the comments here are from people who would foul their underwaer if they had to enter the treeline bordering a city park. Furthermore, I think this breakdown is good as far as the rock throws are concerned but the camera shake for debunk purposes appears to be arbitrary.

    Please, have you ever seen an eagle's nest on location? Don't you understand that there are strong winds up high where they make their nests? You can even see winds blowing many feet below the nest. These cams are not built of concrete you know. Oh how easily the uninformed are led to agree with these conclusions as if the analysis was somehow established fact. But please tell me how the impact of a jump some 40 to 100 feet below on the ground would cause a camera to shake mounted above an eagle's nest with live chicks in it, unless the excessive weight of the creature was enough to jar the base of the tree in which it is mounted. You don't seem to have mentioned that possibility although it's just as plausible as the ones you have mentioned

    And why don't you breakdown the jump as regards the depth of it, or would that oppose your hasty conclusion. I don't know about any other of your breakdowns but this one and reminds me of those BBC debunk documentaries done by people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Still, your rock-throwing breakdown is good and ought to lend itself to authenticity rather than hoax in my opinion, which you seem to automatically incline toward hoax.

  7. Fascinating Tony. Grace didn't come to mind for me, but dexterity certainly did. There was a practiced perfection in that jump. I spend a lot of time walking outdoors (practically daily) and I can say without hesitation that whomever this is is far more experienced at walking outdoors than I. There's a level of comfort and confidence to his stride. Similarly, the second stone throw must have been over 10 metres and it was a perfect shot. I'd also guess that the stone must have been at least 20cm across for the camera to pick it up which is a sizeable stone especially to be thrown accurately at that distance.

    What's most fascinating to me is the behaviour. He seems to be playing doesn't he? The swagger, throwing stones, jumping, running .. an apparently playful creature.

    Thanks Tony.

  8. I appreciate your channel and analysis Tony. IMO hoaxers generally go to an effort to obscure their figure as much as possible attempting to imitate the avoidance behavior of actual Sasquatches rather that trying to animate their movements which are much more difficult to replicate without looking obvious. Of course, we can't know for certain here, but it appears like an adolescent playfully frolicking through the woods and the movements and mass of the subject do not seem contrived but rather fluid, agile and natural. If it is a hoax, then it is a darn good one.

  9. B.T. this proves they are aliens that are inter dimensional time travelers, that are completely camouflaged and cloaked, he did not jump after he threw that stone, he teleported and that's what moved the camera, he was actually mind speaking to the chicks in the nest, the second stone was really a light orb, you missed all that, they are not Apes. Now who did i just sound like? Neither of these two hypotheses unfortunately for the uninformed week minded cluck clucks is correct. They are flesh and blood creatures like you and I, and they live and die on this Planet called Earth. They are a sub species of Relic Hominids probably similar to Neanderthals. Sorry Tony the WOO WOO nut bars need a reality check and I am just the guy to give it too them. Great Breakdown as always keep up the good work. Have a plan, Squatch on long live the Hairy Clans.

  10. @bigfoot Tony, I live where this video came from. it's a park service eagles nest cam. I can't say whether or not this sighting is real or fake. we do get sightings/encounters. in some areas more than others (by a very significant difference). I personally believe that since we have no mountains they continuously move around. I have experienced rock throwing, tree breaking, and chatter. I don't go looking for them either.

  11. Ive seen footage almost identical to this. When was the original film date?
    Even tho the camera is up high in that tree, the subject may not be that far from the base/trunk. And considering how much a BF is estimated to weigh, then the tree could have vibrated when the subject hit the ground. Or has a unseen accomplice. A little common sense deduction helps. However, I think it peculuar that the subject makes sure its well within camera view and moves slowly. The location of nest cams arent top secret.

  12. On the original video that doesn't have the edited in magnification circle, the mounted camera is so focused on the baby eagles that you could totally miss the dark figure at the edge of the screen. Also, I don't see the camera move on the original at all though there is a breeze moving leaves. Looks like a playful Squatch to me; maybe a juvenile.

  13. Don't quit your day job Tony. You missed the most important aspect of the video, which is that the subject walked continuously on logs, presumably so that he would not leave footprints and alert the humans that he was real. Furthermore, there were no stone throws, no stooping down to pick up stones, no nothing. The Bigfoot was swinging it's arms in order to aid his leap from log to log.

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Bigfoot caught on Eagle nest camera – BREAKDOWN. (Video)

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