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  1. cant be a black bear its brown to many facts left out of this story what was there to have a bear or a b.f. go to this camera how high was the camera placed on tree was there any tracks left was there any hair samples was the guy in the fur coat paid

  2. right now im calling it a black bear can't see the whole picture of what it is. besides according to the tabloid papers big foot and elvis is out there somewhere partying it up big time

  3. Forgot about the blob, look at the background. I recently discovered
    Colorado Bigfoot on youtube, and recognize the structures. All those
    trees laying around in the background are not ALL deadfall. Pause the
    video around :31. Someone arranged it, and it wasn’t the Parks

  4. I'm a firm believer in Bigfoot, but I'm having trouble believing this is an actual Sasquatch, and not just someone in a costume. The fur is too clean. It's been proven many times before – Bigfoots are very smart. Many have been believed to knock over, destroy, and damage many set trail cams. Like I said, I believe in Bigfoot, BUT, I don't think this particular video shows an actual, real Sasquatch.

  5. I don't think black bears have an ape like face. Also if think that this color is black then you need to have your color vision checked.The object in question looked brown not black.

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Bigfoot Caught On Colorado Trail Cam? (Video)

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