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  1. Lol looks like Bigfoots waiting on the next parishioner to baptize….
    big foot is "wading in the water?!"
    Go Bigfoot go Bigfoot go!

    Bigfoot got healing powers…,,
    When he raises his arms he can clear your sinuses !!!!
    Whole new meaning to skunk ape!!!
    David stomp is still a chumpπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜†
    Go Dave keep'em coming!!!
    Debunk da skunk!!!

  2. Shower to shower each day helps keep other Bigfoots away!!
    Bigfoot practicing drop the soap before being captured & thrown in prison/captivity ?!?!?!?
    Btw blurred as usual!
    Gilly suit wash down?!
    Gonna spray down with febreze when he comes out of the water? !?!?!?

  3. That's just big foot in the buff dipping snuff! Walking ruff & tuff with his Afro puffed!! LOL!!!
    Pics always blurred!?
    Btw you need to suck on some helium(or something!?!?!)… your voice is deeper than smokey the bear!!!!!!! Lol u killin me with these photos!
    Big foot wading in the water!?

  4. A man, in a creek, mid weight jacket with hood, his hair is all to the left side of his face after having fell in and showing disgust. My 55 inch TV makes it easy to see with "enhanced image" going.

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Bigfoot caught on camera in the river=2017 (Video)

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