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  1. I believe that you are in a unique area that serves as habitat for one specific species of intelligent life that probably means us no harm but rather is protective of their young and their homestead. Keep up the great visdeos but keep your head on a swivel. I like others here believe you are never very far from what you are seeking.

  2. If you don't mind telling us Bret, where are you at exploring this area. Just curious. I'm from Las Vegas and some of this looks very similar to our Mount Charleston area, the very highest areas where the pinion pines are. Not saying you're in our area, it just looks similar.

  3. them sasquatch seem to be invisible when they woof at me from thirty feet as I am leaving the forest; as if saying goodbye to me; very cool. I have had contact five times , but they seem invisible when I hear them woof at me. They seem friendly and curious; they could easily kill me . From research , it seems obvious that they are paranormal; sasquatch Ontario is buddies with them and I think their contact is invisible. If you go camping in the forest; they will find you. I always enjoy hiking and camping alone, rather than with a group; a totally different experience. I hang out with Jesus and pray and thank him for the beautiful nature. I carry bear spray and a big knife also. I think the sasquatch know me , because I hike with cowbells and no one else does.

  4. There are lots of good things in pine gum,and pine and spruce trees generally. It has antiseptic and antibiotic properties. It has used to treat burns and scrapes. And as we learned in Canadian history, when J. Cartier was trying to survive his first winter in Canada, and his crew was threatened by scurvy. The First Nation people taught them how to make a tea from spruce needles which gave them all the vitamin C they needed to survive.

  5. 6:00 You drew pants on the Bigfoot. I’m not so sure they wear clothes. πŸ˜‰ 24:10 I can hear that buzz buzz buzz, I bet a Bigfoot can too. I think a trail-cam would be best on a 50 foot pool high up. Just an idea I keep tossing out.

  6. Hi b – I agree, weird there's no antler drops. We find them all over up here in Alaska from the moose after they shed. Sometimes they're chewed on for calcium; maybe that's it? Tools & dietary supplement? Great observations! p

  7. I'm just curious to know what kind of activity was it that you noticed that first Drew your attention that they were in your area? How long ago? People that have never been Utah do not understand the diversity of the land. There are so many large areas where people just don't go on the out and about. The caves the springs the underground accesses that people never see. It's incredibly fascinating. The way the forests are in different areas and the habitat are unlike any other place on Earth. That's already been established as far as information in the travel to Utah magazines. And the canyons and Cliff areas that's a whole nother story man. kind of makes you feel like to whom much is given much is required. In your case much has been given concerning Sasquatch so you're giving back and there's nothing wrong with that and people need to understand that. The one good thing that you received from doing this is now there is no one that can yank your chain. You know and you have the experiences that have given you solid wisdom. I'm not praising you or setting you apart to gain your confidence I'm telling it like it is. You're one of the few that has that controlled hyper-vigilance. If I didn't have people living at my place in Utah I'd be there now. They're good people even though they've procrastinated about my notice. They're not what I would consider close friends but I like them enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. I see so much cruel deception here on YouTube and elsewhere also concerning Sasquatch. To me those kind of people are sociopaths they have no receptor site inside of them for feelings or emotions to attach themselves to. Easy to spot even though they think they're hiding. Good for you Brett. Bless you and yours I'll stay in touch that's for sure. The few can make the difference either way. But those that value their privileges over their principles will lose. I like speaking out about it I hope people read it. Eastern Nevada in western Utah all that out in there some good folks out there. Yeah you got a patriarch out there. that blows my mind, you're going to learn a lot.

  8. Another good video Bret. Thanks for the consistency in your method of searching and sharing. I tried to get an idea of what that thing was that got into view of the camera. Anybody's guess is as good as mine, but I sure would like to know what the heck that thing was, especially if the camera was mounted 11 ft. high. I've been in some thicket areas slightly south of San Antonio lately. One thing we have in common is the short scrubby foliage, instead of the really tall trees. Lots of cedar, hackberry, and mesquite here. I just wonder how aggressive these things can get, even just toward a hiker that means no harm. Past experiences probably shape their reactions to our presence.

  9. you make me feel like I'm. right there with you!! I. love it!! In fact my, tomorrow, the 4th of July 2018, my husband and I. are going up into our mountain range!!!! Just out of Eugene,Oregon. we heard one, we think, about 40 yrs. ago!!! it has its very own, distinct, unmistakable sound!!!! Drives m crazy too. They are definitely using infrasound on you!!! I think that's a bigfoot compliment to you!!!! Keep up the fantastic and very interesting work!!!!

  10. Awesome spots for your trail cams. Lots of animals in that area. I think the most important thing you learned was a really great spot to take a piss. LOL! Look into getting (don't remember model) 3 drones that follow you around as you wear a device on your wrist for it to keep track of you. Have them flying about 75 or 100 yards out from you. Then watch the video to see if anything can be seen following you around. Have them kind of high to silence any noise from them.

  11. The sticks layed on the rock pile vertically on the stick pointed up may indicate according to the trail maker diagrams is the direction someone went meaning follow the trail 2 miles in the direction of the stick slanted up from the rock.

  12. BRET πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great video, the horned could be used for the calcium. Many animals like squirrels, coyotes etc. might include them. Still the structures you find are so unique. -Eric AZ

  13. That was really Cool…Bigfoot messing with the cam to say hey…I was in a mid-winter Couger & Deer hunt and found a random can, about 12 feet up, off a little limb…definitely easy reach for them..great searches…we got them here also…

  14. try placing your cameras in a triangle format facing too the centre at maximum range of the sensors and at the centre of that triangle place a small cheap portable radio…switch it on and cover with a small tree branch ….hopefully they hear it and come to inspect and hopefully dont sense the cameras because they are concentrating on the sound and not the smell of the plastic….they may throw rocks at were the sound is coming from……or use three cameras strapped to one tree and try to cover all angles….may need more cameras to cover all angles…..goodluck with your search

  15. great to see you,Bret,the gift of pine sap is very revealing – they really like you.I’m originally from nothern Canada I now live in Edmonton, Alberta.Canada.My parents were hunters and trappers with dog teams for transportation.We use sap for energy and it’s great herb for wellbeing. I saw with my own eyes a young girl get mauled by vicious dog-her thighs and buttocks were pretty much chewed up.All the men of the tiny camp all dashed out into the bush with pots or pans and a knife,I was young and no idea what just happened, but, when they all returned with fresh scrapings of tree gum.They heated a batch and like butter the wounds were covered.That you lady has no scares, it healed leaving no trace of a wound’.I do believe they are trying to be understood-keep up the great work!!

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