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  1. With so many high-resolution video cameras available in the market, no one can do a filming of the highest quality, this only reinforces the thesis that this is real.
    Great video for entertainment and hobby …
    Bad video as documentary !!!!!

  2. Hi cream puffs, I'm Blake Cousins, obviously gay, a native came up to us??? You got to fucking kidding…. 312,524 fuckwits believe this shit!!!!! Where's Trump, he's far more real than this crap

  3. I am just curious to know if this was a cruise ship that he just got off of and where was this ship located approximately I mean was it off the coast of Florida San Diego what part was he just getting off of? was it Celebrity Cruise which one?

  4. I tied 3 balloons to sticks and attached them to my drone helicopter with a small speaker on board.  Then I flew it around the town square at about 300 ft.  While it was circling I spoke in a spooky voice, saying "unidentified……..unidentified……..unidentified".  Really spooked out a few meth heads; but most of the people there just laughed.

  5. i got abducted by aliens last night they even let me use there toilet .so i took a wicked shit and it had them scared of me.then i went and seen elvis and tupac.if you dont belive me then say so


  7. one question , why are these videos always so blurry? im not a skeptic , but i mus say with all the advancements in video quality today, why are these videos always so blurry and always seem l;ike when recrded the person recording is always shaking the camera

  8. The guy that said he's had about 60 experiences is obviously a nut!…Not to mention he said it happened when he was young but later said he's still having experiences?!…Yea,he's a nut and should've been committed.

  9. Ok. Let's put this to bed. If we are being visited, firstly we would have probes landing, much like our missions to other planets. Second, if beings had the technology to cross millions of lightyears of space to visit Earth, don't you think they would make some effort to make contact, either prior to entering our atmosphere or before leaving. Our own Voyager missions are equipped with every opportunity for life elsewhere to know we are here. Don't you think they would do the same?

  10. Welcome back, to DirtFaceofMune…

    On serious note, you guys ruining the UFO stuff… even if the video is real, people will say it's fake cos of the tainted name of you guys.

  11. Around 80´s I´ve seen something similar to six comets. They were flying side by side quietly  and slowly with  multicolored fire at 02:00 am.To this day I've never seen anything like it!!At that time we did not have cameras at all times like today!

  12. If you really want to inform & help the people, you need to start telling people who watch your videos that these UFO's & entities are NOT alien craft as is from outer space, rather they are demonic from another dimension that we (humans) cannot see.

    If you read the ancient texts known as the Book of Enoch which is a book mentioned in the Holy Bible, the Book of Enoch explains these anomalies.  These are part of the demonic entities known as Nephilim in Genesis 6 of the Holy Bible.  While they are real, they are not what people think they are.

    Also, we know there are actual metallic crafts that the German NAZI's created during WWII with help from these same entities & while some are being flown by man, most of these are simply a play on light in order to fool the masses.. Trust me, these are not little green men from Mars or Tall Whites from other galactic places.  There is a great deception coming to mankind from none other than Satan himself, along with the tyrants running the governments of this world who worship these demons.

  13. my doughtier were telling me once about this blue light which looked like a dinner plate just big and that she seen it when she could not sleep. Here bed is next to a big window. I was really paying attention to it as kids have imagination. Could this be the same thing she saw 3:50 on video?Looks like a was just an ignorant and didn't listen to her…

  14. Why're all of the videos of UFOs always filmed on a fucking dinosaur? there's like 10 pixels in the whole image… -.- it'd be a lot more compelling if there was an actual HD version of these videos… just a suggestion xD

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