Best documentary national georaphic – Discovery top secret UFO – Space Discovery Documentary (Video)

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  1. What I dont understand is why the people that get arrested or threatened, dont gather as much info on these people or at least description so that when they rejoin the free world they can report them for kidnapping or assault or blackmail. We really need to publicly identify these people. If we could get at least ONE of these "men in black" or other black ops person, it could lead to the busting wide open of these depts in the government that are operating outside the law. That's the one thing that IS A FACT! WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS ILLEGAL!

  2. The bulk of these comments suggest people aren't familiar with the kind of games played by gov't agencies. Jacques Vallee's "Revelations" comes hightly recommended. It explains quite well how figures such as Lazar turn up in the media.

  3. the russians have been spying on area 51 for years with their sattelites, i would love to know what they know,,medvedev, hinted in an interview about an alien file they carry about with their version of the nuclear football,,,

  4. It wouldn't bother me some much if the government came out and said: "Yah, we been working on this shit for years and keep'n ya-all duped! Roswell wasn't a weather balloon!"

  5. I respect Stanley Friedman But as he would already know the U.S. Government can make someone vanish. His copies of paystubs clearly show they are authentic ..He was asked countless times questions only a Physicist would be able to answer
    and he did answer correctly…..

  6. What I don't get is the fact that if there's such technology available, why do we use "ancient" rocket systems CO2 engines to shoot satalites into space etc. I also cannot grasp that such technology can be entire kept from the public or from those minds who are able to make use of it outside Area 51.

  7. I no longer fully believe Lazar. Yes he worked for DNI for a time. Other excellent former employees say security was very, very tight. You can't just kinda mozy around looking at other aircraft. And he is very vague on explaining gravity. Him working on the vehicle indicates he would have known back then what is common knowledge today.. A lot of the graphics are backward too.

  8. Stan Friedman is a government agent that hates on Lazar cause he is giving up more than he did and is scared that he will steal his thunder and take away his book sales of disinformation

  9. Are you freaking serious??? At 15:17 you can Clearly see his social security number on the claimed W2 form. I wonder how many times he's got his identity stolen. THAT MUST SUCK! 😐😳👎

  10. Lazar says Element115 can be machined into triangle shapes for the reactor in the saucer.Remember folks the sport model in that well proven phoney S4 facility in Nevada he worked on it ha ha ha.Well sorry folks it can not be done either by Los Alamos labs says bob in one of his stupid video clips.Or even Area51.And if you could why send it too Los Alamos facility???.When surely Area51 can machine it.By the way folks Los Alamos did have samples of Element115.My sister worked on it until it vanished in 100th of a second in their , particle accelerator.So mr stupid lazar u can not machine it into a solid fool.Element 115 was created in a sub atomic particle accelerator.Not Alien technology at all.And anyway if a Alien race have this material.They would never use it for obvious reasons also.A Alien race would not give humans anything.Why would they???.And not a weapon applications onto the military on planet earth anyway.This would be stupid and silly.Sorry folks Bob Lazar got exposed of being a phoney and a non credible scientist at all.

  11. Another good laugh from Bob Lazar and his phoney degree from both Caltech and M I T university.God he must be a expert in bullshit and deception ha ha ha.

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Best documentary national georaphic – Discovery top secret UFO – Space Discovery Documentary (Video)

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