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  1. Its the exhaust of a falcon 9, the pause in the beginning the the First stage cutting off, the expansion of the exhaust is because the higher up in the atmosphere and the pressure isn’t that great to the exhaust grows

  2. People are so upside down with lol this is comet, and the Ufos aren't alien, our gov is using defense missile tech (Ufos orbs that resemble and people are dumb niece and gullible. We're bout to get hit wit mad rocks and comets ripping through our atmospher and space (strictly from behind sun and cme holes from them inbound . Wake up. The distortion is heavy and truth is opposite of what you think and know when it comes to space, if that's capable of debunking, please. Put your weight up. I'm here to learn, show me and prove me wrong

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Answers needed: SpaceX launch stirs alien UFO fears in California (Video)

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