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  1. Lets leave the poor creatures alone. Its not enough that we're already destroying the world. now we want to destroy their habitat, just because we dont encounter them often we want to fuck their way of life. Maybe they don't want to be seen by us. they probably already had bad experiences with humans. Have we thought of that?? But no we just can't let it go can we….

  2. No, seriously guys mermaid / mermans do exist but they're not human they're animal like apes ( look like human ) at time ( BC ) those time, the sailors & fisherman even caught them for food & sex cus they look like human .. ( do ignore me if u think im joking )

  3. That's why most people don't believe, cause it's just beyond their comprehension. What's really out there an possible will make the hardest of men turn to jelly

  4. Could that guy be any worse of an actor?! I don't even speak German, and I can tell he sucks! Since when did animal planet start making these ridiculous, dumbass shows about fairy tales?

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Ancient Spears Found in Fish | Mermaids (Video)

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