Ancient Egypt Documentary – Complete History – 8000 B.C. to 30 B.C. Part 1 (Video)

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Comments 43

  1. These documentaries will always be full of lies and flaws, until the truth is told. What part about Egypt being in Africa does not this world understand?? What part about Europeans having nothing to do w/ Egypt or Israel, doesn't this world get??

    Ancient Egypt is NOT nor ever have been, Arabs. Nor those that look like the whited out Arabs of today. So when you see these documentaries being pushed w/ Arab looking people, it's all lies to blind the masses into believing that that nation was anciently Arabs; it's not. And the reason they push this is to push the lie that Europeans were originally the ancient Egyptians; still a lie.

    In order to push lies about the world we live in, it has to be European white supremacy based. All lies! The truth is, that the entire planet of All 3 of Noah's sons, to include Noah, was black/brown. And so was the world on the other side of the flood. Noah was an albino. And his father didn't come near him because he did Not look like the rest of mankind. Meaning? The rest of mankind was a black/brown people.

    So today, Jewish ran media and European collaborations; have did everything in their power to whitewash the world of lies. And to set out about to subdue lands and to whitewash anything that tells the truth. This is why ancient lands names were changed. To hide who the Jewish people are and to blind people, via to hide themselves. If you can change the names of lands and people, you can effectively try to hide from the wrath of Yah. Esau is behind all of this. And those you call Jewish, are of Esau's lineage. They mixed in w/ the Europeans, Arabs, wiped out the islands of Japheth and those places became predominately white, i.e., Ireland, etc. Esau effectively has hidden themselves by the might of the sword. And effectively changed names like Egypt; which was called originally called Mizraim. Mizraim was a child of Ham. Ham is the progenitor of who you call Africans! Not the Negroes, but Africans. Africans are black, not Arab nor European. This is why Napoleon blew the noses off of the Egyptian Sphinx; to hide the wide noses and African features.

    Zondervan’s Compact Bible Dictionary:

    Ham – The youngest son of Noah, born probably about 96 years before the Flood; and one of eight persons to live through the Flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races; not the Negroes, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites.

    So these documentaries are only showing you part of the truth. And they continue to push a false image of the original ancient people of that land; black/brown Africans. South Sudanese people descend from the ancient Egyptians. But the Negroes, descend from Israel. Yes, the same people that the bible is talking about. That were sent over the world into captivity for disobeying Yah.

    Why do you think Moses was mistaken for an Egyptian? Why Joseph was mistaken for an Egyptian by his brothers. Why the Messiah was sent into Egypt to hide from Herod. Egypt was nothing new to the Israelite's. Or why at the burial of Jacob(Israel)did the bystanders mistake the ceremony to the Egyptians, but it was actually the Israelite's burying Jacob, their father. They had the same skin complexion and features of the ancient Egyptians; a black/brown people. Egypt is in AFRICA!! Colonizers have lied and painted a lie to hide the real truth that you people love so much; the lies.

    Why did Miriam, Moses sister get turned leprous; white as snow? If she was turned leprous as a curse from Yah, she apparently wasn't already white now was she??

    Why did Moses put his hand in his bosom, pulled it out in front of Pharaoh, and it was white as snow. And once he put it back in, it was restored to the rest of his flesh?? They didn't use the term black back then, because everybody was already BLACK/BROWN! So a white skinned person's arm being turned leprous(white)would not be much of a sign, now would it??

    Stop letting your conditioning of white supremacy and hatred; blind you from the truth. You been lied too! The Messiah had hair like wool and skin of brass. Google the color of burnt brass and then go google a picture of Morgan Freeman – hair white like wool and skin of burnt brass. lol I know it hurts and you are burning up turning red. lol But you had better wake up and start rejecting the lies you been taught in religion and government that Europeans are original, they are not! They're Johnny Come Lately to the world population.

    Do your research!

  2. None of the evidence is compelling and some is very much in doubt. Anthropologists all agree that native Americans are decedents of people who once lived in Siberia and crossed over during the last ice age, (about 11,000-12,000 years ago) based on DNA evidence and carbon dating of recent archaeological field digs. There is absolutely no evidence that Egyptians ever colonized beyond Africa and the Near East. Remember the old saying: " Fantastic theories demand fantastic evidence".

  3. Egyptomania gives headaches
    the ancient Egyptians made their time on this earth then place to others
    look for an Egyptologist aged 6000 or 10000 years … he will surely have a lot to say … for those whose longevity does not exceed 75 years think that you can die before having to repay your debt … you leave so a heavy legacy to your offspring that will surely not thank you for that
    the truth about the current "civilization" will surprise many when it breaks out in the face of the world

  4. The majority of this information has been proven wrong in the last 10 years. The truth doesn't fit into the biblical narrative so it gets pushed out and funding gets cut.

  5. The Great Pyramid(s) and the Sphinx are at least 12,000 years old. The Mainstream dating of this site (done in the 1950's) is wrong, and has not been updated. This fact has been proven time and time again.

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  9. So many comments of jeolousy.
    Why are europeans here anyway. Why aren't they looking at thier mid-evil, european, cave history on YouTube?
    Plenty of MidEvil times videos here on YouTube.
    Go check that out

  10. how do they know that those kings ordered the construction? what about the weathering of the sphinx? that is water erosion from 12,000 years or more. the sphinx's head was also re-sculpted.

  11. I find it absolutely disgusting the way the workers are treated. There is aways this european white guy and hundreds of egiptians workers running ( RUNNING) with baskets of sand and debris on theyr heads. Horrible sight!

  12. What annoys me is they get that old Egyptian Kemetian guy hakim I think his name was whose dead and pretend like he was the link to civilizations 12,000 years ago which he was not. He knew 1 generation of older information and that's It. I loved when they would take a word and say that's not the old kemetian meaning the old kemetian meaning for the word block is winged goat who stares at the moon LOL. Not one time did that guys alternate meanings reveal how megalithic stones where lifted or not one time did they reveal any ancient secret. These guys like Graham would have literally licked that guys toes and treated that old dead Egyptian guy like he was a ancient Egyptian priest

  13. Only 5 minutes in and… an unpredictable river? The Nile generally flooded their fields at a consistent and predictable rate. The Egyptians were very optimistic about life for mostly this very reason and centered much of their lives around the river.

    A harsh environment? They lived in a relatively calm and rich environment around the Nile for the same reason. Yes, they were surrounded by desert, but that in fact helped them prevent outsiders from coming in nearly as easily as in other places like Sumer.

    This doc already seems quite lazy and frankly I don't know if I should even watch the rest of this

  14. This is a crying shame you don't have this in 4K and narrated by Orson Wells.

    My real problem is that I would love to seriously learn and know the real history but most of youtube is filled with ancient alien bullshit and lost technology.

    How about facts as we know them for a damn change.

    Even the History Channel goes for the alien garbage despite being called the "HISTORY" Channel.

  15. The 'first temple' made of wood at Hyronkompolos is a guess. (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, sry).
    From finding big holes in the ground it is assumed to be huge posts for an assumed temple. Ok.
    But to say what statues were on it and covered in carpets, that's a guess which is stated here as fact. It is also a guess that it was the first Egyptian temple. There were many nomads and different tribes (ex. Hebrews) throughout history that could have easily been the ones to construct a temple there.

  16. The Blackman is the original man!! My ancestors left there marks of civilization to let the NEW COMERS(CAUCASIANS) know WE BEEN HERE SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL.💯💪🏿👊🏿✊🏿

  17. I know to you and me these are just a bunch of large rocks and that in reality is exactly what they are maybe someone lived there a long time ago ! But you ask what does it mean to you and me ? Absolutely nothing !

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Ancient Egypt Documentary – Complete History – 8000 B.C. to 30 B.C. Part 1 (Video)

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