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  1. You haven't made a FullyRealViralVideo in years.. and yet you telling everyone how to do it in your shitty book. lololol.. You need to look at how viral videos are made now, cos you are still at viralvideo 1.0.. times have changed fool, do your research..   OR you could just follow my model xo rainbow hugs! xo

  2. Oh and for the people who are pissed that the animals transgressed morality by killing eat each other: I'm a vegan, partly because of ethics, but you have to keep it in perspective. Many types of animals would not hesitate to rip out your throat and start eating your guts out of your rib cage. It's important to remember that and not treat wild animals like teddy bears (like Timothy Treadwell).

    One of my friend's past girlfriends was a staunch vegetarian. She went night swimming in a lake in Florida even though her Dad told her there were alligators. She got attacked, drowned and half eaten by a gator alone in a lake in the middle of the night. Horrible. It always struck me as tragic irony: That someone who was extremely against killing and eating animals was killed and eaten by an animal. It's kind of a mind fuck.

  3. I've seen this video before. Man, it would suck to have to kill a snake with your bare mouth. That's the bummer about not having thumbs. I don't think cats mind though. Mine eat live screaming cockroaches and love it.

  4. This was no fight. The anaconda was just trying to get away. If it had been a fight, seeing as how hard the jaguar had to try, just to get the snake, the anaconda probably would have killed it, pretty easily. Snakes don't just kill for fun, though. Cats, on the other hand, have been known to kill, just to hone their skills.

  5. I hate watching shit like that. Something about seeing suffocation, and knowing how fast that snake would dispatch on of the babies. Damn nature is a horror show.

  6. Are the people complaining about the animals killing each other completely out of touch with nature and the way the food chain works? How sensitive is it possible the be?!

  7. People, the jaguars didn't kill for fun. They saw a threat to their young and got rid of that threat. This is very natural for the parents to be so protective, and they took action. Don't put moral judgement on an animal. They work on survival, instinct. If you saw the title, acknowledge that that's what you're going to see… Don't complain after clicking and then watching it.

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Anaconda VS Jaguar caught on camera (Video)

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