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  1. I try, I really really do, but not once have i seen a truly convincing video or pic. airline pilots stories are way more convincing than the crap on these y.t. channels. one more thing, most of the footage is old no up to date stuff. come on people bring that clear, obvious it's no question that's a ufo shit

  2. It's also possible that certain countries are "more open" to the idea of UFOs and of their people's perceptions because it probably serves as a distraction from corruption at the highest levels and abominable levels of poverty…

  3. Seen on this show is the late Terry Hansen,author of 'The Missing Times',one of the first books to disclose the fact that UFOs were interfereing with@ ICBMs,along with 'Clear Intent' by Larry Greenwood.

  4. Many people don't realize ufo's are seen all over the world, not just in the U.S? wtf. What people? Why would someone think they're only seen in the U.S? They must be total morons then.

  5. Does religion and psychosis go hand in hand because all you religious nuts set the crazy bar to an almost unobtainable standard. Thanks for the laughs

  6. i propose after living andΒ  thru several of what we are certain were extinctions a humanoid species has evolved under water..why would the dominant species only get a small part of the planet to inhabit?are you going to make a fishtank with only 25% of it being water?its not a far reach to think underwater youd be shorter and thinner from the constant pressure..ones head might become bulbous,and heavier to help keep you centered..eyes get bigger and blacker to see better in the limited light..skin gets sallow or gray from no sunlight..ears..nose..lips..hair..all that stuff that could cos drag smooths or vanishes..telepathy evolves to allow communication.they watched us grow and made contact..thats why the giant ancient cities with pyramids are ocean adjacent,,thats where they made contact..and where the tales of atlantis..lemura et al come from..them trying to relate where they come from…and they tried to teach the people but they just werent smart enough to tell the difference between technology and magic..and tried to worship the visitors..mistaking the teachers for gods..and in exasperation..they said screw us and returned to where they came from…leaving all the mysteries they did..

  7. extra terrestrial or not?? a demon is a demon because there evil and they carried an evil agenda not because they are some kind of puff of smoke spirit creature and what these beings are doing can only be classified as very evil so in my opinion they are demons and fallen angels as the bible says

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